From Unbeatable to highly skilled...

In FH3, I was laughing at unbeatable drivatars in my rear-view. In FM7 however the difficulty jumps up dramatically. I can barely place in highly skilled races now.
So much for consistency.

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Funnily enough, it’s the opposite for me. I played FH3 on new racer because the track layouts made it hard for me to fight the AI, in F7 I know the tracks and play on unbeatable. Might drop though, because fully completing every championship on unbeatable is not possible.

Wouldn’t you rather have more of a challenge. Perhaps Turn 10 increased the difficulty for the reason you found it easy in FH3?


Well, yes and no, the ego boost was nice…

I doubt turn 10 changed anything on my account though. I was on highly skilled back in FM6 too. More likely Playground games changed the difficulties around for the horizon series. Or perhaps I am just faster around a brand new track than most others, while not gaining a whole lot of time with practice. Or perhaps there’s just not enough meta yet and I have to wait for more people (slower people) to set times.

It is a little inconsistent and more to do with track for me. It seems like there have been races where I’m ahead of most of the field but the one guy leading is way way ahead of me. I can probably go another level up soon.


You’re wrong…

Horizon games are easier where difficulty is concerned.

I have unbeatabled all endurance races and all of career with two elite completions, it’s certainly not hard if you’re in the top 1% for lap-times and don’t need to run assists (minus TCS in R class+).

In FM7 I am on highly skilled/expert but in FH3 above average/highly skilled. I can not see how you are the other way around and to the extreme??

A part of the reason FM7 is “easier” is because it’s very predictable and repetitive, weather aside. FH3 tracks are always different, unless you want to do some the same all the time, FM7 has 30ish. FH3 always seems to have a ton of things going on at the same time, trees and other obstacles, the roads seem narrower (real roads). FM7 cars don’t feel overpowered (yet).

I initially totally sucked in FM7.
That is, until I disabled the anti braking system. I thought ABS stood for something else, but it completely hides the braking sweet spot, making me mis most turns. With it disabled, I just slightly release when the car locks up and I brake about 20-25% better than with ABS. In FM6 there was also a benefit in not using ABS, but nothing this dramatic.
I’m not ready to tackle unbeatable yet, but I moved back up from +40% AI setting to +80% (forgot what they’re called)
I’ll soon try manual shifting as well, which I completely unlearned in FH3. It might be well worth it.

Massive inconsistency across circuits. I find Silverstone a breeze against Expert (or whatever is above Highly Skilled), they are terrible through Maggots etc. Yet against exactly the same cars on another circuit I’ll struggle to reach first.

In free play, with random start positions and standing starts, it can take me up to 5 laps to get to the front on “unbeatable”. I wouldn’t mind for the difficulty to be scaled up a little more in all the difficulties.

The problem I have with the AI is they are still painfully slow in just about any corner. I always end up almost taking them out as they are so slow in the corners relative to what they were doing on the straights. It was the same in FM4. I haven’t played any of the FM5 single player and very little of FM6. FM7 is the first time I’ve spent any time in the single player since FM4. Mainly due to the state of multiplayer. For FM4, I went through the entire single player campaign.

I run Road America a lot as it’s one of my favorite tracks and the AI can’t handle the carousel. Most of them drive right off the track.

AI is very inconsistent.

I find unbeatable not challenging at all in Fm7. I run every race in career with extra long option and by the time it finishes I usually win by 1 or 2 minutes. Though I’m glad that rubber banding isn’t present in Fm7. I would rather win without effort than have the AI constantly catch up no matter how fast I’m.

Perhaps you’ll share some tunes. There are a couple of tracks where AI have a massive speed advantage on long straights in Unbeatable. So much so compared to the car I was in I had to drop a level rather than spending thousands on another car. On technical tracks they could be harder as it’s a little too easy to win.

As others have said, even in the same championship they’re inconsistent.

The drivers in FM7 are MUCH more aggressive than in FH3.

Today, on a popular track, I posted a leaderboard time than landed me at #27 in the world. Race length was set to “Long” or whatever the middle setting is called, and I lost to the AI. My lap times were pretty consistent depending on how much traffic I had to get through on any given lap.

So to beat “unbeatable” AI you have to be at least one of the top 25 best human drivers in the world on that track.

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This isn’t really saying much considering a lot of the car/track combos have less than 100 times on those leaderboards currently… I’ve ran boards with that amount of recorded times on them and beaten the previous 1st place by almost 10 seconds. If it was a leaderboard that 100,000 people have done, it would be a problem, but it’s not.

Well, they are called Unbeatable :slight_smile:

I’ve no problem when the AI are better than me on the brakes or with the perfect line etc. It’s frustrating when they appear to have an extra 100 BHP.

Unless it Sebring and then it’s 200 BHP and slicks!!!


IMO the place where the AI is the worst and I make up the most ground is on the brakes. Get the smallest amount of bumper overlap and it’s an easy overtake without pushing so far that you can’t hold your line.

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The Retardatars, regardless of difficulty setting, tend to brake at the apex of turns. If you’re too close in the turn you will hit them repeatedly. Slowing you down and propelling them forward. It’s dificult to race against them for this, plus other reasons. The endurance races tend to have, overall, better retardatars. I also noticed that the names of drivers is changed to ‘‘real’’ names in these events. Perhaps a difference in programing? Charles

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Quick update. It seems that the problem was that I was using the wrong car. I have a few more cars to choose from now, and I’m up to pro drivatars. I’ll have unbeatable by next month.