Friends for playing


this thread is to find other players to drive with them or to create a lobby.

i want to play to release in 3 days… add me in xbox live: PaulDC

you can tipe your xbox live names here , so we can add us all :wink:

its only a idea

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Great idea! I’m more of a casual gamer I guess but anyway, feel free to add me, everyone! Gamertag: seekerse7en

Cheers, Tom

Nice Idea,

My Gamertag is Christoph Guti


Im down to meet some new peeps.
GT: drunkenchiksrEZ


Hi this is a brilliant idea… helps everyone out in a way

Gamertag … Alanahlouise96

Add me, looking for some FH4 racers to play with. GT: Half Wookie

Add me: Betweenseas

Super interested in meeting other gamers!

GT: Paco572
I also have a team speak server so we can chat in game. Looking for new friends. Send me a PM for address.

I now have a discord server up if anyone would like to join me. MDT is my time zone.

Let me know.

PACO572 is my tag


Add me Newtonvw

Add me please. GT: GentlestSum522
Time Zone: GMT+2
Would be nice to do some co-ops. Help each other :slight_smile:

Looking for players to do some grinding in the Team adventure races with.
I am rank 9/10. (Currently 10 because i just played with a bunch of morons who just left, and i was like 1v5 but whatever)
GT: MadsRC
Timezone: GMT +2

u guys can add me names Theachu on xbox

GT: HardCheetah4302
Timezone: PST
Just looking for more people to play with, ranked or unranked team adventure is fine with me :smiley: