Friends fading fast

My friends list is composed of mostly forza players. Some with whom I share memories dating all the back to forza 2. At the release of each new game most of these good peeps can be found playing forza in some capacity or another. in forza6 I rarely saw fewer than 20 people or at any given time and those numbers were much higher during the release window. Over the last couple days I’ve noticed an average of 2-3 people online and these numbers scare me for many reasons. Mainly, I find myself wondering is my most beloved game doomed and do the powers that be even see whats going on here. I can’t be the only who’s finding that their friends are fading away and its fading well over the speed limit. please t10, save this game. To those losing hope, hang in there and give things a chance to get better, all this talk of refunds and people leaving will only hurt us more in the future. I love the series still and I want to love this game as I have each game before it. To the population whos loving it, keep racing the good race. to those feeling left out in the cold, hang in there and try to enjoy what we have for the time being. I know it stings but this is not the time to give up completely. We can find ways to make our voices heard and still support whats dear to us.


T10 will probably just delete your post and disregard any concerns you may have. FM7 is a tremendous let down to loyal fans.


Ok, that’s enough from you.

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This is the last forza I will buy. A complete letdown and all old school fans I know agree. I’m just bummed I bought it digitally.


Sorry but some “old school fans” don’t agree. This version is pretty good so far and in time will be darn good. peace out :v:


Sorry, but I’ve owned and played all of the Forza games, and whereas FM7 is not the steaming pile of dung that was FM5, the homologation system has almost destroyed much of the traditional appeal that brought me from Gran Turismo to Forza. The series has traditionally gone to great lengths to allow you the freedom to build the car you want and race it how you want, yet at some point in the development of FM7 someone stood up and said “lets get rid of all the freedom that the series is known for” and instead of sacking him, they went along with his idea. Shame because the rest of the game is a marked improvement over FM6, yet it was let down by the inclusion of an entirely unnecessary system, that is so integrated into the game Turn 10 couldn’t fix it even if they wanted to.


In your last sentence you use the term “fix it”. There is nothing to fix. Nothing is broken. They designed this homologation system, and it is working quite as intended. Some people absolutely hate it. For one, I am fascinated with it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say, I love it. But it has made me work really hard to tune my cars within a tighter grouping. It has also made me drive bunches and bunches of cars that I would never have touched, that I have found much enjoyment in. If I want complete freedom, I’ll go over and play Horizon 3; where not only can I build an all-wheel-drive V12 Subaru BRZ, but I can choose exactly where, when and who to race it against.

If they want this game to be more of a racing simulator then the homologation system seems like the correct way to go. If you look at another racing simulator that it’s often compared to, Project Cars… In that one you have almost no freedom of upgradability, or choice. In fact the cars are virtually non-upgradeable, all you can do is tune them. And all of the racing is very strictly classed based. That is in fact what true racing is like. They have to fit within extremely tight bounds. It looks like this is the direction FM is headed.

If it is not what you’re looking for then you will have to look for either a different product in the future or stay with the Horizon series. I’m accepting of this change, as many others are, and find the challenge enlightning. If I do want to drive “whatever the heck I want” I just go into free play and set up my races as I’m in the mood to.

Weirdly enough, as an owner and player of ALL the Forza games, including the X360 versions of Horizon 2 and the F&F expansion, I feel as though this game has brought back what the series was meant to be before it became too open and easy to bore with. Forza 7 reminds me of Forza 1, Forza 2 more than the later series, because they actually gave you a sense of accomplishment when you unlocked that car you had wanted for so long. So, yeah, I’m actually going to have to politely disagree with you here. Because it hasn’t always given you the freedom you claim. The xbox one versions have given too much freedom, and it’s time to bring it back to its pinnacle years. Sure, the homologation system is not the most well worked out, yet i think it’s better than the complete openness of most of the other xbox one titles.

Although i understand your statement i also understand this is your view and not the view as others. That i will respect :fist:. My opinion is by the numbers on the leaderboard at this time frame proves differently as i see about the same as i normally do about this time after release. Maybe your friends are not online because they are doing other things… Maybe those friends are plying forza but under a different profile :smile::v: As far as the game needing saved…far from it as T10 as always are already implementing their fixes and adding what they intended to. Just maybe forza held back adding key features to the game so that the people instantly finding glitches did not ruin what was planned for their loyal players…Just maybe T10 knew this in advance and waited till this hackers found the glitches and when they are fixed, which i believe most are, they T10 can start to add the key features that are preserved for the most part from the cheaters within. Just an insight to what may have happened. I have played since the OG game and i find FM7 astonishingly brilliant as T10 has listened to the most loyal and added alot of features we wanted for a long time, some are hidden within the game but they are there for us to use and play. T10 has also started adding more features and im pretty positive there are much more to come. Fixing stability and gameplay should be forefront as always which it seems to me is happening as we speak. Most of forza’s loyal fans know to be patient and let them do their thing. Peace out :v:

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I really appreciate your candor, HOOZNEXT, I do, but there’s a lot of problems with what you’ve written. T10 using us as Beta testers, using us to “weed out” cheaters/glitchers/exploiters, even though we had to pay to play? (at least that’s the how I read the first part I bolded) I’m sorry, but that simply doesn’t truck with me. Not even close.

I’m real curious as to which features “loyal fans have been asking” for you see, and “features hidden within the game”? What the heck are you talking about? I say this because I have been playing since FM1, have been on the Forums since FM2 and more recently Reddit and have kept a very close eye on what’s being asked for by players. And is still being asked for, because so, SO much of what we’ve been asking for simply hasn’t come. From additions/fixes to the paint shop, to actually making good on the “every car has a full ForzaVista experience” claim (when, in fact, they’ve done the polar opposite and FozaVista only half works; and I’m being generous with that claim), adding highly requested cars and tracks, providing a more fleshed-out race weekend (“qualifying”. Ever heard of it, T10? Maybe you have, but it seems you’re content to just keep going with the artificial difficulty associated with forcing us to start mid-pack), actual pitstops that aren’t so unrealistic that they KILL any sense of immersion you’d been developing over the first half of a race…I could go on, and on and on but I think you get the picture.

EDIT: removed what I said at the end because I felt the imminence of the ban hammer. Unfortunately for me I’ve already been quoted, but it is what it is.


Your opinion but respectfully not shared by me. I think the vision of FM7 is a good one. Not here to argue or disrespect your thought but Mine differ greatly from yours and i have my own reasons. As i have not been active on these forums as well as redditt foes not mean by no means i have not read what is written, just so happens i spoken up recently. Alot has been added to FM7 that i care to go into but will say play it and you shall find it. Yes there are a few issues and truthfully it is expected as i have yet to see a “ game” without issues. Even without communication with T10 i know as well as others confident they are working fixing the issues they read on these forums. You can choose to voice your opinion but please do not try to change mine or add me to a list of those who you think dislike this game as i would not you. peace out :v:

You have the most positively optimistic outlook, well done. I’m a bit more pessimistic, since Turn10 has let the same glitches and missteps happen with this launch, plus new ones, that happened with the last release. I’m optimistic that it will get better, however it will happen too slowly for most fans to not be frustrated. :v:

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Many other factors may also involved, so judging and placing 100% blaming the game is a prejudice selection of criteria by which to begin the process.

School, work, weather, hurricanes and the damage still in recovery mode, waiting for the Xbox One X, or waiting on a new flat screen TV, could also be involved in the viewpoint, too.

Or, as one person posted on this forum, his wife won’t let him play “early” with his Christmas present. :slight_smile:


Time for a new wife!


A woman who buys me video games is not a woman I would want to lose :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel like you might not have a answer but any chance you have heard anything about tag coming back? I love forza but it’s always been playing tag with friends that kept us coming back and playing. I’m almost done with career and I’m hoping it gets added soon since I didn’t see it with the lobby updates today 10/13.

Maybe the OPs friends no longer game like they used to. If there’s only two or three online at all then they must be doing something else. If there’s 20 on and they are all playing other games then Forza 7 doesn’t resonate with them. I play an online PC game and five years ago my group had 50 or more on during events on the weekends. Nowadays you are lucky to see 3 or 4. A lot of people are totally out of gaming as an everyday thing.