Friday Night Race Lobby

Hi all I am Memphis

I previously owned a racing group on Forza for 3 years hosting many championships for classic and modern touring cars as well as C class hot hatch.

I have taken a 8 month leave from the game and I am looking to rebuild from scratch after leaving the old care to their own devices, to take a new direction.

I am looking to host a open session which you are more than welcome to join in on, it will be

10pm UK time
Modern GT and Forza Touring Car divisions

My gamer tag is: MEMPH1S LAW

Add me and please feel free to msg me and all are welcome

Simple rules

Keep it clean… the end

Hope to see yous all on track on Friday

I’m interested. Im on EST but no big deal. 5pm my time. I race in some other leagues/series but always open to some good clean racing. If you see a message from TriggerStorey then that’s me.