Friction Modified??? No Grip

Anyone else notice their cars seem way looser?
I tried playing the day of the new patch and all seemed ok, in the time I had to run afew laps with 2 or 3 cars.
I get on tonight and all my cars have no overall grip, (mainly a pretty significant loss of front grip/initial turn-in) as if turn 10 (in their infinite wisdom) messed with the overall friction settings.
It feels like every car has stepped down a tire compound.

Also I run with all assists off. If you use stability you might not notice

Maybe double check the assists? possible with he update the assists defaulted? or some of them did? Remember the collision assist automatically defaulted on with that update.

I was gonna make a post about this, notice that the grip is definitely less since the Dec patch. People were complaining that the grip level was to high with the Nov patch after T-10 changed collison physics, so T-10 must have lowered the grip again.

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Shut up jeremy haha

Cool so I’m not crazy. I don’t like it, I know that. Thanks T10

I havnt noticed less grip, but I have noticed a vibration effect that’s been added to the tyre friction when it’s just over 100%, on a wheel it causes vibrations in the steering when locking up/understeer ING even if you have vibrations turned off

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If I use any assists it is only ABS, which I do run sometimes, but I never use TCS or Stability Control and I honestly haven’t noticed anything like this. In fact I have just bought a new controller as the old one was totally worn out and I have been crushing all my lap times. These last 2 weekends I have been at least a second a lap faster in every vehicle class/division I drive. Now I have the new controller I have improved another half a second. And I do drive a lot in classes and divisions using stock, street and sport tyres and they have all performed as expected.

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