Frequent disconnects shortly after joining a session (co op, adventure, any of them).

Here’s the deal guys. I’ll try keep this short and sharp.

I’m on vividwireless for my internet connection. All games run fine online. Except Forza Horizon 3.

I have tried everything I can think of. Quite simply though, on this connection I can get into an online game but shortly after it just disconnects. It happens on multiple PC’s on my network.

If I use my mobile hotspot, the game plays fine.
NAT type is set to cone, though symmetrical reacts the same. The symptoms are the same with or without UPNP as well.

I just can’t work out what is going on :frowning:

I have tried many more things but what I’ve explained above essentially highlights an issue with the connection, I don’t know why it’s happening.

Any ideas?

I’ve reformatted, I’ve connected my PC straight to the modem, I’ve changed every setting in the vividwireless modem, i’ve hooked it up to my main router and restricted bandwidth (i did this because when my connection is maxed out at its 10mbits it generates major latency, this doesn’t let that happen).

Any ideas?

It seems to be happening quite a bit. I simply think it’s the amount of traffic on the connections this morning. I’m going to try again later. I don’t know that I’d go to any great lengths until I’ve done that.