Freeroam rush

If someone on here could explain to me what good freeroam rush is to the game, then please do.

I don’t see how this mode is proving and/or beneficial to our experience.

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To quote Jean Paul Sartre - “Hell is Freeroam Rush”

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It is mean to relocate I understand that, but it should not count in total points!?

It’s been mentioned in other threads. It sucks. It shouldn’t count as a race. I liked how it worked in FH3.

Please consider non offroad vehicles when implementing 2 freeroam rush into a street race series
Im not saying get rid of it. I understand the developers have a vision and want to stick to it but find a way to make drivetrains other than awd stand a chance in that event. I dont want every vehicle to be AWD but it’s as if you the developer are forcing it for online play. Why even have rwd or fwd when nothing else is competitive. In the end no matter how good you are at taking corners in freeroam rush someone in an offroad vehicle will beat you 99% of the time.

Did you guys play your game using s1 or s2 rear powered vehicles online? I seriously doubt it.

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I hate freeroam rush, it makes multiplayer practically unplayable for me. It can be there but definitely do not count it as race…