Free roam rush doesnt belong in ranked racing

admins if you need to move this to the wishlist thread i understand… but racers dont really bother looking at the wishlist id say. im trying to not to make this a wishlist post but more of a improvement post. freeroam rush is entirely luck based. i get its adventure… but for racing? cmon now. either remove it or add a gametype for just racing and fat travel us to the next race


just removing the rush contributing to the final result and dont kick us for inactivity.that way we get enough time to take a toilet/smoke break and stay in the adventure. and those that want to drive to it get a little influence on the way



All that needs to be changed is precisely that. Team adventures are no longer XP-based, so that’s a step forward. However freeroam rush counts towards the final team point count. So if one team wins the first two races along with the first rush, the entire game is won. With the rush being almost purely luck-based, yet taking into account the player’s knowledge of the entire map, the attribution of points to freeroam rush seems kind of daft, to be honest.

I’m of the opinion that Free Roam Rush should be a separate playlist from other types of events.


I fully agree with this, but no matter what compromise I must make ultimately I would just like to see Free roam rush removed from the game!



Fully agree, Freeroam Rush can be a lot of fun but geez - not in ranked!
Combine FR with some fun missions / playground games and you will have a good chunk of fun. For ranked races it’s only a PITA.

What the game also needs is a stock car league, no modifications just vanilla cars and from a certain pool like Viper vs Vettes or JDM only - NSXvImprezavGT-RvRX-7 for example.

I personally hate free roam rush when in ranked adventures. The fact that you want to compete against others and 2 from 5 events are Free Roam and counts towards the ranking… That just doesn’t make sense

Move it to Free For All Adventure.

First time on this forum message, and this thread caught my attention, glad to hear other racers are also annoyed with freedom rush being part of the ranked races. Freedom rush is more about knowledge of the map rather than racing skill, and I would be happy to see it dropped; its kind of ruing the online racing experience for me at the moment.

I too am not a fan of free roam rush

I’m only an average racer but I’ve had some of my best race finishes in the Rush, but I agree it shouldn’t be apart of the ranked games specially 2 out 5 races I might of had some of best race finishes in the Rush but I’ve had some real bad ones as. As somebody else suggested I think it should be its own separate series 3 or 5 races long.

How it comes they did not buried that yet.

For what it could be worth, imho FreeRoam is race type, consider it as is, make some freeroam CS with 3 freeroam rush and take the opportunity of this split to add back B road class CS missing for no reason.
that would make good regular pace having only 3 races each CS, if you don’t like something, next one will certainly be more interesting for you.

Strongly strongly strongly agree! Hate that hing. It’s all about who’s the lucky one and hits the least amount of trees.