[Free play] Unable to customise the race with specific models.

Bear with me. Everytime I try to customise a free play race with only one model allowed, or car family (911, etc…) or the good old M3 E30 vs EVO2 I find myself… Alone. No drivatars on the horizon. Is it possible to do that ? If so, what’s the secret ? Am I missing something ? What do I have to do ?

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I didn’t know that was even possible? To be fair the terrible homologation system has reduced the actual diversity in races.

I just came here to ask literally the same question!
Looks like you got me covered! :smiley:

In FM4 you could upgrade according to class, I don’t know why they haven’t simply added this feature to the game and allowed the AI to use it

Try this way.

Set driver buckets to 2.

For bucket one, min drivers 1, max drivers 1 (this is you and your bucket)

Then for bucket 2, min drivers and max drivers equal to the number of drivatars you want. Set the model as you like. That should work.

Beware that this can cause the XB1 to crash if you try to start the race before it can populate the starting grid with drivatars.


It worked. Thanks mate you’re the best ! xx

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In fact, set the race up like the above post says before you hit “go to race”. I’ve found if I don’t do that, it gets stuck loading the race. Don’t change anything once the car & your drivatar is at pit lane. I think it’s okay to check the starting grid though.

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All good, happy to help.

I’m gonna try a 3-4 buckets to do some proper manufacturer rivalry races.

Eg: BMW v MB v Audi
Ferrari v Lamborghini v Porsche


I wanted to set up a race with Ford Escort FE only ( to get the night bonus for extra credits ) and had the same problem: being alone in the dark. Strangely a race with the Chevrolet 69 FE at Daytona worked perfectly, with 24 identical cars on the track. Looks like a bug to me.