Free Play Not Awarding Credits For Timed Races

Xbox One

On Free Play Daytona Tri-Oval. 69 Camaro FE. Unbeatable Drivatar Difficulty. Braking Line Only, ABS on, Normal Steering Traction and Stability On, Auto Shift, Cosmetic Damage, Rewind On, Friction Assist Off. 1 Drivatar

Ran 1 hr 15 min race with a mix of 3 mods (don’t remember which ones). Credit boxes for the race, FE car, and three mods are shown and credits rewarded appropriately. Driatar difficulty credits box did not appear.

Created identical race with 15 laps rather than timed and 3 mods. All 4 credit boxes appeared as expected at end of race.

Maybe I forgot to set the Drivatar Difficulty on the first race? Set timed race with settings identical to the first race. Verified the Drivatar Difficulty setting saved on Unbeatable. Used 3 of the VIP 100% bonus mods. After the 1 hour 15 minute race again did not display the drivatar difficulty credit box.

Is this a known bug?