Hello guys!

Could anyone tell me how I can race in FREE PLAY mode with SUV’s without improvements?

Alias, not just SUV’s, but any other category of vehicles.

Since it is FREE PLAY, I think we would have like to run without improvements and when I say that, I’m not just talking about my car running without improvements, but the opponents in every race, the CPU also no rush, do you understand?

Turn10, you’re saying that you’re listening to the fans, so please, let us at FREE PLAY create our races without any improved car. All without improvements!

I want to feel the real difference of every car on the track!

No enhancements!

Both I and the opponents!

A hug!

There’s an option in the settings in free play to allow or disallow upgrades. I’m fairly certain it includes AI cars.

This option does exist, but when you make this adjustment, the car class is automatically changed to “ANY”, making it impossible to race all cars without improvements.

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Hey guys!

Is this a flaw in the game or was this “hang” thought by the developers?

IF it’s a fault, okay. I believe it will be resolved.

Now, if it’s something thought of as a “catch,” I do not see the slightest meaning for it.

I hope Turn 10 will solve this as soon as possible.

It seems to be a silly thing, but if it’s fixed it will make a lot of difference for purist FM7 lovers.

A hug!

Ok, NOW I understand what you’ve always wanted to say. You want to race divisions without upgrades.

Well, I want to race divisions restricted by year, so it’s the same really. I want to eliminate that damn Lotus Eleven from my vintage races. But T10 has yet to allow us to apply our own restrictions to a specific division.

Hello grpr trooper !!!

Man, this all makes me very frustrated, as it may not seem like it, but it makes a lot of difference in the fun of the game, does not it?

I believe that the solution on the part of Turn10 is something simple to do and I have been waiting for it since the launch of FM7.

I do not see the slightest grace in running for example with an old Ferra (originally class D), artificially changed to class B.

With the suspension lowered, tires super wide and with speeds of modern cars.

This totally disables the cars!

I want to be able to feel all the difficulty of guiding a historic car with all its exciting limitations and I want everyone in the race to also have this behavior in single player mode.

I hope Turn10 will solve this for car fans, bringing more realistic racing behavior in FREE PLAY mode. Not only for the player, but for the opponents in single player mode.

A hug!

Hello, EveDriver7800!

What can we do to make these adjustments effective?

Can Turn10 get access to our requests?

Well, I will insist on this subject here and we will wait for us to be heard.

I’m sure these adjustments are simple and will make a big difference in the game.

A hug!

The only thing you can do is set the year country fwd rwd or awd and all the other options listed to try & narrow down the list of eligible cars to match the division you want. I do it all the time to set up a modern GTE/GTLM race. I can narrow it down using the four buckets & the parameters in each bucket so that I don’t have any of the GT3 cars showing up. But be warned, right now the game still gives these stock/non homologated cars a speed boost on the straights. For example the c7 corvette has a max speed of about 180 MPH, but on the mulsane straight I see them going close to 200 MPH on some laps. Sometimes they don’t even go above 170. They are very inconsistent. Supposedly Turn 10 is going to rework the AI, so hopefully this will fix these problems.

You can add multiple buckets & restrict things like drivetrain,PI, engine configuration, horsepower, etc etc to whatever you want which should get you the cars you want. However it would be easier if we could just chose what cars we want the AI to be in.

Hello EpicEvan777!

I know we can make all these adjustments, but still, there is not a division as “perfect” as it was by classes, is not it?

Not to mention that much time is wasted making these adjustments.

Let’s make an effort for Turn10 to listen to and resolve this with more permissive adjustments to the enhancements.

A hug my friend!

After you have changed the settings you can save them so you only have to do it once.

Yes, I know that.

Thank you!