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I have been to the forum, but I have not found any complaints about the “FREE PLAY” mode and how “HOMOLOGATION” works in this mode.

I have not played very much the “FORZA CUP PILOTS” mode, because the “HOMOLOGATION” being obligatory to participate in this way, takes a lot of the fun of competing using original cars. In my opinion, there could be a “RUN WITHOUT ENHANCEMENT” option (just like in FM6), but I do not know why this has not been implemented yet?

For these reasons, I prefer to run in the “FREE PLAY” mode, because there I can race with groups of different cars (and that’s a great idea), but even in “FREE PLAY”, “HOMOLOGATION” still restricts a lot any kind of race that is created and this is limiting a lot the fun of the game.

For example, I really wanted to do SUV’s “FREE PLAY” races against hot hatches divided by manufacturing year, country, etc.
But at the moment, we can not do this without my having to “HOMOLOGATION” my car.
And that is frustrating!

Shall we discuss this?

A hug!

You can go to Advanced settings and set up buckets where one is homologated SUVs and another is homologated hatches and the third is specific to the car you want to drive with or without upgrades, but agreed, it would be nice to have a filter option for division without homologation just like Model Family or any other filter.


Hello MateoMax!

In the “FREE PLAY” mode whenever I select 2 groups to run, (there is no option for 3 groups) but I want to run my car without “HOMOLOGATION”, the game does not go ahead and I can not start a race with my car without "HOMOLOGATION "

In “FREE PLAY” mode I think there should not be “HOMOLOGATION”.
That way the “FREE PLAY” mode would be “FREE PLAY” for real, would not it?


Go to Free Play, Setup, Race Setup
Under Rules set Game Type to Custom (not Multi-Class) and Max Drivatars to 23
Under Advanced Rules set Number of Driver Buckets to 3 (or the maximum of 4)

Under Group 1 set the number of Drivers to 1 and choose the settings for the car you want to drive. If you don’t want Homologation then don’t set the Division.

Under Group 2 set the desired number of Drivers (11)
Set Car Division to Modern Hot Hatch. This will set the Homologation for that group; if you want stock opponents you’ll need to narrow it down with the other filters)

Under Group 3 set the desired number of Drivers (11)
Set Car Division to Modern SUV

that’s very useful to know, thank you…

Hello MateoMax!

You have decided to shave my dear!

I was using “MULT CLASS” mode, I think that’s why I was not able to run with different groups in my cars without “HOMOLOGATION”.

I’m at work, but crazy to test this adjustment when I get home.

Thank you very much for your attention, my friend!

A hug!

Frankly I just want to race the way I want without the need to conform to this restrictive homologation setup, which is poorly setup in general.

Hello ManteoMax!

Yesterday I followed your instructions on how to create races in the “FREE GAME” mode but I did not succeed.

In the “CUSTOMIZED” mode of racing, I can even define 3 or 4 groups, but I can not customize these individual groups being hot hatches and other modern SUV’s as you would have suggested in your post.

Could you give more details about this race simulation in “FREE GAME” mode?

Thanks a lot for the help!

A hug!

The division choice is highlighted in the screenshot below. Make sure you set the Minimum and Maximum number the same for each group (1 for Group 1, 11 for Groups 2 and 3, or 7 each if you have 4 Groups) and then Select your car before Go to Race.

Be more specific than “can not customize these individual groups” - what are the settings on each menu screen in Race Setup and what messages are you seeing?

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Hello ManteoMax!

Thank you in advance for your help.
You are a cool guy!

Look, this screen that you show, I could not see.

After selecting the race mode (whether multiclassing, booting or customizing) I select CUSTOMIZED mode.

On the ADVANCED RULES tab I can even select how many groups I want (if 1, 2, 3 or 4), but I can not see this screen that shows group 1 options, group 2 options and group 3 options.

Could you illustrate a screen before that, so I can see exactly how I should mount these settings and be able to do those runs?

Once again thank you for your attention my friend!

A big hug!

Hello MateoMax!

As I said in the last post, I can choose the number of groups (if 2, 3 or 4) up there, no problem.

What I can not do is enter this screen that you display in your post to configure each group, that’s my problem, understood?

A hug!

Choose ‘number of buckets’, not ‘groups’

Hello ManteoMax!

I want to thank you for your help.

Anyway, I was able to configure the race according to your tips!

It just did not stay 100% because even in separate groups (type Moderns SUV’s or Moderns Hothatchs) still run with “HOMOLOGATION”.

But it was a lot more fun to run with your tips.

Developers could fix this, could not they?

A hug!

Really? I’ve noticed this too, but I thought it was intentional. Since each division requires a certain configuration, I thought that it wouldn’t make much sense to be able to turn off homologation inside a division.

Anyway, the more customizable the game is, the better. We can’t even select the country or the decade of the cars unless we set division to “ANY”, so it would be nice to have more flexibility in that aspect.

Hello guys!

In the “FREE PLAY” mode in “PERSONAL RACE” I like to run with 4 groups, one group is totally FREE and the others are divided by divisions, type:

  • Rally cars
  • Hot hatches
  • Sports GT

But I can not get these groups running without improvements, whenever I choose not to improve, the settings erase the divisions I chose.

I believe this is a flaw that can be easily resolved.

I’m waiting for this repair.

A hug!

It really isn’t necessary to post the same thing over and over in different topics. They responded to you in the Tech support section, leave it at that for now.


Sorry man!