Free play causing game to freeze

Ok, so I wanted to run a race at Bathurst. I am doing the 5 laps required for the current forzathon. I planned on running a 5 lap V8 supercar race. I chose a full field of 23 drivatars to race against. However, when the track loads (just after saying “you have arrived at…”) the game freezes. Cannot do anything on the controller or anything, The game just sits there. So I decided to try loading without drivatars and the race actually loads correctly. The problem here is something with the drivatars. I even tried loading Circuit of the Americas and I had the same issue with the game freezing when I had drivatars on. I have tried closing the game and restarting my console. Nothing works.

I am having this issue on XBOX ONE X Scorpio Edition.

it is because of your xboxone scorpio can not handle the game so pls do not complain about this