Free play & Car division

Hello guys!

The only thing missing for the magnificent FM7 to be complete and perfect is in FREEPLAY mode we can create our races with cars by DIVISION WITHOUT ENHANCEMENTS.

When that happens, it will be sensational!

I’m sure this solcution is very simple and will bring a lot, but much more fun!


A hug!

Isn’t there already an option to restrict cars to not have any upgrades?

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Yes it does, but when I set up the race with cars from the same division, the system does not allow them to go without improvements.

I even think this is a BUG of the settings.

Sepuder, take a test yourself.

Thanks for listening.

Just ban upgrades.
Have you even looked in the race settings?

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Dude, I tried.
It’s so elementary, but it does not work!
When you try to disable the enhancements, the settings are automatically changed from DIVISION to CLASS.

It would be so simple to fix it!

Still waiting!

It will make a lot of difference in the fun of the game.

A hug to friends!