Free Infiniti Car Pack in August?

Just saw this ad on the 360 dashboard-

Sorry for terrible phone photos


Certainly looks that way, not the best cars, but hey, freebies!

Sure - I’ll take 'em! The sport version looks good.


Not bad for free. The left one does look pretty tasty

Nice might just inspire me to get Infiniti to max affinity level.

this is so cool, the Q50 Eau Rouge concept is hot!!! plus it has the engine, transmission and AWD system from the GT-R so it should be very fast!! It has 560 bhp (417 KW) and 600 NM of torque. It will reach 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds and will do over 290 km/h (180 mph). Cant wait till August

Wrong. Yes the Eau Rouge does use the GT-R engine it does not share the transmission or the AWD system from the GT-R. It uses an Infinity 7 speed automatic with a conventional torque converter and the AWD system is out of the new Q50s AWD sedan.

Taking bets now, GT-R vs Q50 Eau Rouge

This should be fun.

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Good spot!

The one on the left looks very nice.

12 cars next month is always welcomed.

This comes out in August and we don’t know yet if we will get another car pack in that month.

Forza Motorsport, since FM3, has ALWAYS had 12 months of monthly car packs. Only the Horizon series is limited to 6 months.

Forza 4 was the only game to have 12 months of monthly car packs.

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The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge should be pretty sick!!!

Q50!!! O_O



I sense your enthusiasm.

It seems as if Infiniti, for one reason or another, has always been ill represented in the Forza franchise. This looks to be a good way - in addition to the recently added Indy Car - to rejuvenated the brand’s virtual presence.


I love Infiniti. I’ve always enjoyed the brand, going way back to the original i30. That appreciation grew when I got to drive a Nissan Skyline V35 (or as it is badged here in the US, the G35 coupe) while in Okinawa Japan. It’s a very good company, and very under-rated, and as you said, especially within Forza.


Cool, I like these little special packs.

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Free is always good!

nice find, i wont say no to a free car pack :slight_smile: