Free-for-all Adventure / Online Discussion

As promised, after closing the last multiplayer thread due to our new update upcoming, I said I would open another thread for discussion!

If you missed our live stream announcing the brand new Free-For-All, you can check it out here.
Everything is discussed and shown within the first section of the stream, so you won’t need to go scrolling through.

Update 5 will be going live this week so I hope you all enjoy the new mode!

Don’t forget, please also submit a ticket for any issues, bugs and especially any feedback & suggestions that you post here.


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will there be more time to join ranked games as currently is not even time to get out of photo mode when a match is found and do games get a single player mode ?

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Here’s my personal checklist of things from the previous thread that my club and I are having trouble with regarding Multiplayer; I’ll update it as I go along.
Status updates are based off of information that has been published in official livestreams and updates.

[ Resolved ] Lack of non-Team Adventures

[ Resolved ] Hard to get people to join a Horizon Life PVP or Co-Op event within 45 seconds.

[ In Development ] Track design and game physics encourage and reward “wallriding” in Ranked Adventures.

[ In Development ] Lack of “Ghost only” Online Adventures.

[ In Development ] Lack of an ability to choose a preferred Class when queuing up for Team Adventure.

[_] Players aggressively crash into each other in order to overtake/defend without notable consequences.

[_] Teammates deliberately crashing into one another without notable consequences.

[_] No Team Adventure modes on Fortune Island.

[_] Private Adventures limited to Teams only.

[_] Freeroam Rush’s presence “forcing” players to choose cars suited to Cross-Country in Road Racing and Street Racing Adventures

[_] Long waiting times when matchmaking in Ranked Team Adventure.

[_] Convoys getting split up after connecting to a Team Adventure, some getting left behind etc.

[_] Unclear player rating system in Ranked Team Adventure, players losing points for “winning”.

[_] PI system restricts competitively-viable cars to a few narrow build types.

[_] Lack of Class-Based Rivals for every Route.

[_] A number of Routes classified as “Dirt Racing” consist mainly of tarmac roads.

[_] Lack of an ability to vote on the theme/Class of a new Unranked/Private Adventure after completing the current one.

[_] No Team Adventures for D, C and B-Class cars.

[_] No way to save Replays of races.

[_] No way to “Vote to Kick” troublesome players.

[_] No in-game way to blacklist certain players, to prevent getting matchmaked with them.

[_] No way to whitelist certain players in order to encourage the game to matchmake you with them more often.

[_] Lap-based races are too short (3 minutes on average compared to 7 in Forza Motorpsort 7), encouraging players to rush and barge their way towards the front.

[_] No way to force all players to use Simulation Damage in private/public races.

[_] No way to force all players to use certain Difficulty settings in Private Team Adventures.

[_] No way to force collisions off in Private Team Adventures.

[_] No way to kick a user out of a Convoy.

[_] No way to change cars/setups in-between Private Team Adventures. All players are sent to a “limbo lobby” where they cannot access menus.

[_] No way to save Private Team Adventure playlists for future use.

[_] No way to choose Street Racing or Drag Racing events in Private Team Adventure.

[_] Grids for races are set to Random, no way to encourage players to put in good performances to qualify in higher positions for future races.

[_] No way to disable Quick Chat or prevent users from spamming comments.

[_] Races/Convoys limited to 12 players.

[_] Hard to spot when another Horizon Life user has queued up a PVP or Co-Op event (green UI icon doesn’t stand out on-screen, lack of pop-up at top of screen like in Forza Horizon 3).


Here’s the checklist I made at the start of the thread (yes, a ticket was sent in).

Has this week’s update changed the status of these by any chance?


There he is!

No, they havent fixed a damn thing on that list in the last update. And only 1 thing in all the updates before that.

How long ago did you subit the ticket? Maybe they havent got around it yet with all the TALKING they are doing! We have to give them time! Its only been months, they need years to talk about this and fix it because its not DLC and they dont get any more money.Anytime they have to work on stuff that free is taken up by important things like hats and morph suits.

Where retro at? Im desprate to hear how they are taking about it but its too soon and she cant tell me anything more? I need hear it! Its boosts my opinion of the devs so much when i hear it and i in no way think its empty platiudes to buy time hoping ppl forget in time to spend more money on the next DLC or game. Can we at least get a awesome live stream with all those ppl pulling muscles undeservidly patting eachother on back while ignoring all the ppls comments on these problems? They cant give basic ranked racing thats fair and based on skill but they are good at those things.

Guess i wil have to wait for the next DLC set on the moon (the moon is way cooler than vikings) with flying cars because the normal ones are boring and hard to drive, where evryone gets 1st and races are a 1min long so theres more time to do stuff other than boring racing, no multiplayer so real players cant use skill to make any one lose and since theres no multiplayer it doesnt matter if all the cars are useless online, to make sure will make sure the new cars will have stupid engine swap options and tire width options that make no sense in reality or game balance. Cant have ppl play a game the devs made in a way they dont aprove, you can have fun but only kinds aproved by the ppl who made the game. Oh and evryone gets a hat!

Dont worry Horizon 4’s sales have nothing to do with how good Horizon 3 was or gamepass, its all on the merit on this game alone so horizon 5 will do great!


Updated this based on the few bits of info I could gather from the recent livestreams.

I don’t see how this is going to be any better. They don’t act as a team anyway so what is going to be different? The same idiots are still going to hit people. We need a no collision mode for the 1000th time PG!!!


In solo you dont need to be upset team members ramming you, and if you can win you dont need to worry team members letting you down.

Im gonna try this when update comes but i have really low expectations and i think there is gonna be just even more wallriding than before.


Yes, I think that’s the big thing, that with the team adventures, the team result was only very loosely related to any one individual’s performance. My team often won or lost by a margin that meant it would make no difference whether I finished 1st or last, it wouldn’t change the result.

I think it might help with ramming, in that ramming does carry some risk, so a person is less likely to be willing to potentially hurt their own placing. People are going to defend extremely robustly against being passed, though. I also worry that if you can join a free for all race as a convoy, people will join with friends and work together against everyone else, i.e. the group of friends rams anyone not in their group.

Wallriding will be to FH4 as cutting is to FM7. When I was still racing leagues in FM7, I would drive clean laps, but if someone was beating me by cutting, I’d cut to beat them. On some tracks like VIR, you either had to cut to have a fair race, or be happy for someone to go seconds per lap faster than you. Wallriding in FH4 will be the same, and if I end up head to head with someone who is wallriding, I won’t feel bad about wallriding to compete against them on a level playing field, but I will drive clean if everyone else is.


OMG YES!!! A NO COLLISION MODE WOULD MAKE THIS GAME EPIC!!! DEATH TO ALL BASH DRIVARS…80% of Forza will not be able to drive in no collision mode…and I would not have any issues with that at all, this would MAKE MY YEAR!!! If the game creators listened at all to there CUSTOMER/Players…this would be the game option A LOT of us would LOVE TO SEE HAPPEN!!!

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I hope the walls are not being removed, the game just needs a slow down penalty for wall riding.

Do something about freeroam rush and its perfect


Your list is very ultimately short, for many of us it is kind of much bigger.

  • Wall riding not taken care yet → THE fun killer thing of solo adv even more than ramming.
  • solo supposed to manage ramming … I think they missed something. unless one has benefits not to ram, ramming is an excellent option to ruin some opponent race, solo lowers the interest but does not remove it in any manner. For people not to ram they need to have an interest to not doing it.
  • Nothing on rivals / possibility to race on empty tracks for testing tunes
  • Free Roam still consider as great, strange they took a rally car for demo and not an Aventador, so fun cross country with 2 inches springs.
  • Nothing on being able to select class to race and not having D C B hardly A.
  • Nothing on tires types filter often missing
  • Nothing on Wheelspin car duplicates we could switch for CR even in FH3 , I do call that a regression and it was ultimate quickwin on the garage size thing.
  • Nothing on cars like ‘mono bac’ being an acceptable car to win against offroads on a cross country race
  • Nothing on cheaters/hackers management
  • Nothing on tunes/paintings ranking being dedicated to people having created quick & dirty tunes at the very beginning of the game

From my personal scale of progress heading to a game to the level of what I would expect to be a better game than FH3, we got a Class C tune for our Class D and objective is S2 at the very minimum.

My List
#16354 solo online missing with lap time etc just like in FH3 : DONE
#16354/16376 Gameplay designed for Rammers, need one for racers, one for drifters , etc
#14243 No possibility to race on empty track for tuning cars / Rivals
#16354 Wall riding is not fair play for clean players just like clean turns are not fair play for drifters. Currently only Wall riding thus lot of frustration → need a mode for racers, one for wall riders, one for drifters. We have just a need for speed gameplay, prove it was just a mistake.
#16355 Free Roam blocking Rwd, Fwd cars
#16356 B/C/D championships missing
#16360 Extreme asphalt cars like ‘mono bac’ playable on cross country
#16361 Tires type not displaying in all situations
#16362 limit for number of tunes + no possibility to know which car has which number of tunes making it hell to clean.
#16365 Mixed races should be at least 50% of dirt.
#14248 Music in intermediate phases that cannot be turned off
#16366 limit on number of cars hopefully in coming weeks
#16368 Wheelspin car duplicate : On FH3, when car is already in garage, player is proposed to resell it
#16369 Seing own car and avatar during waiting time to be replaced by seing others’ cars
#16370 Displaying all players helps on list at race result would raise fair play level.
#16371 possibility to buy a car dedicate wheelspin with 5 basic wheelspins would be great
#16372 when creating a custom race or CS, being able to exclude a type of car like no trucks, no extreme offroads would be just great.
#16373 possibility to disable wheelspins triggered automatically ( I have already earned more than 60 millions of CR, wheelspin for 2 000 or clothes is frustating and boring)
#16374 remove this message that displays when I request instant transport to location for 0 CR … francky guys, not because Microsoft is in the game that you need the ‘are you sure’ everywhere …
#14242 possibility to share tuning only to his team or specific people
#14242 possibility to share a tuning unlocked
#16366 possibility to filter on car by bought or not to identify the cars you can get rid of and buy from the auto show
#16366 possibility to filter his cars by ‘new’ tag
#16602 sell-give car to specific player
#17834 Treasure Island Drift Achievement bug


Simple fix, only in Dirt or Cross Country events should be

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What do you mean by something? What exactly do you like/don’t like/want changing? As your message is a little vague.

@Tilo38 – There is no need to add your tickets into the post. This is causing a little bit of spam and as long as you’ve submitted a ticket, it will get looked upon & answered so there’s no need to post them here in this forum.

@PJTierney – Have you submitted all them suggestions as tickets?

@leetorts – Regards to collision/wallriding, this was addressed in our stream last night. You can find the link in the first post.

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Hi RK,

At the moment, removing my sharing is just like hiding the list itself and eventually leading to duplicate requests on your side thus the spamming point you raise, so I am not quite following.

I remember a time you were often listing top requests/feedbacks. Would be great you have this top list in a specific thread, only updated by you so that anyone car refer and say, ok it is acknowledged by the team. ( not talking acknowledged bugs etc that are already in the known issues list that disregards 99% of forum feedbacks)

  • I know you’ve already read those but all new comers to the forum no, all the players that did not visit this specific page will never see it.

And again, why can’t these be summarized as text and posted on the forums. The idea that I have to go to multiple places to get info is my biggest complaint.

(I really hate streams of any type. I would much rather read a summary. This applies to all news, not just news about Forza, btw. It is much easier to skim through text than to suffer through a lengthy stream, or worse yet try to find the parts that are of interest to me…)

Not only that, but often I can read the forums where I cannot stream video, due to firewall constraints over which I have no control.

I find it extremely arrogant to simply say “Go watch the stream”.


Wallriding cars will be slowed down and ghosted. They “HOPE” to implement in Series 6 Update.

@ 0:33:18


Thank YOU!!!

What great suggestions