Free cars

I see free cars everyone now it seems. Fallout-Ford, Halloween-Mustang and more.

However, i do not have an XboxOne yet :stuck_out_tongue: Will those cars be available as free gifts whenever i actually get one, or is it a requirement to have played the game already now, and if not, suck to be me?

I believe they will be available to you when you have access to the game, as it’s all based on your profile and VIP membership for some cars.

If you missed the cars at the time they are gifted you wont get them, like the Halo Mustang, and Fallout Ford

But when you get the game, you will get all gifted cars form then on out.

Well, which is it?

Unfortunately, the gift cars follow the “you snooze, you lose” rule.

You should still qualify for any loyalty-based reward cars you should get for your tier, though.

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It’s Schrodinger’s free cars, you will get them/you won’t!

I remember them saying a while back that going forwards Free cars/gifts etc would only be available at that time, and would expire after 30 days never to return. They may have changed that, but that was the last official word I read on the matter.

Definitely wont get the Halloween car
I missed that
You actually had to do something by a certain time to get that

Yeah the Halloween car I got for taking part in Little Vixen’s halloween bash.

You may get the Fiesta, Halo Mustang(and Master Chief one if you go VIP), and the Fallout truck as well as the tier cars. when I first loaded up Forza 5 in July last year, I got all the tier cars, the 2013 Xmas Veloster, The Spartan Assault Mustang and the VIP cars.

I see. That kinda sucks, but it’s not anything really amjor anyway.
Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue: