Free agent: acr sicario

gt: sicario
age: 17
exp: roughly 6 years since fm2

bio: competed in fda mdu 5th place in fm4 competed in a d1sl comp forgot who hosted it did a round of vd1gp and a round in vfd battle a whole lot from the usa and pretty laid back thats really it if your interested just message me.

Gave up on achilies?

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everyone left

Capitals may help your case…

yea right

Fixed bud. Maybe someone will take the risk and recruit you.


your like my wife looking for reasons to start a arguement. yes i like felon and used to use his tunes and im banned and alot of teams might not recruit me and im not perfect at drifting. and?


Now that that’s out of the way, It seems like your wanting to force your way into a team. Why not just jump into random lobbies and make friends. Maybe that will lead into a team. Don’t go around
puppy-dogging your way from one team to the next and just chill (I don’t mean the cliche JDM definition of Chill)

  • So long

wife? 17?



Acr sicario why is it that you applied to every team on the forum? Desperate much jeez lol

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not desperate just looking for a decent team like everyone else? does everyone wanna be on my case today?

well no one left team Achilles except you so I guess

everyone did beside you and you havent had gold in a month


lets talk more on xbox, lets not do it here

Are you a points drifter or tandem drifter? I’m looking for points drifers for my leaderboard team :blush::blush:

he tandems

Same thing bro.