[Frame rate fix] Found resolution to my frame rate slowly dropping

Hopefully this will help other too as I’ve been running in circles trying to figure out why I’d start out with a great frame rate that slowly comes grinding to a crawl. I have a fantatec CSW v2 wheel and I decided to try it in Xbox mode and while most of the buttons didn’t work in menus, the steering and pedals worked fine in game so I ran a couple of races. Frame rate dropping and stuttering where COMPLETELY GONE!!! I now have setting maxed out and stay over 100fps with it around 150fps most of the time and that’s on Rio! Before I would start out around 90fps and over a couple laps I’d be down into the 30’s. If your having stutters or frame rate issues try changing controllers and see if that affects it. That’s why a lot of people are saying it was fine before the anniversary update and now it’s not. They are likely using wheels and that seems to be the source of these issues. It is certainly for me.