FPS issues

Would be interested to hear Digital Foundry’s view on the FPS in this. Just did a race on Rio with a full grid and it was chugging along horribly, same with the race before it on Laguna Seca. Never seen it this bad before and to be honest it was AS bad as Project cars 1. Really hoping there’s a patch in the works for it

On what? Xbox One?

I have just finished a test on full Nurburgring wet 4K PC. Ran well. I noticed one dip but haven’t been able to replicate it exactly again. I do suspect it might need a little more patches and polish (HA! what game doesn’t these days) but out of the box performance seems pretty decent.

How did you get it to launch early?

It’s been the 29th in some parts of the world for hours now.

Yeah sorry. Xbox one :joy:

I may be wrong, but I believe most of the testing that Digital Foundry did on Forza 7 was on the One X and PC.

Was this online or single player. Neither of the two previous Forza’s on Xbox one have had this issue.

Single player

I just did the same two races you did and I found the framerate to be absolutely terrible. I am running a Xbox One S with a digital download.

I feel better knowing it’s not just me lol. Digital as well but on a Day One xbone

Sorry to tell you this, but I just ran the Laguna Seca and Rio races and had absolutely no problems whatsoever! Both ran at a smooth 60fps with no issues at all. In fact, Rio was amazing! It looks like T10 made loads of improvements on the Rio track. I’m on Xbox one.

Are you absolutely positive mate? Can you try these tracks with different times of day plus weather and a full grid? Also, I have to know if you’re using your TV’s base 60Hz refresh rate or using enhancements to artificially bump it up.