FPS drops from 60 to 57

(Sorry for my english)

Recently, I noticed a drop in FPS, it was visible by eye. I turned on the in-game frame counter and indeed, the FPS has lost stability and jumps from 60 to 57 for a short period of time, but it is enough to notice it. Graphics settings do not affect FPS drop, unlike full-screen mode. For some reason, everything works stably in the window. Previously, there was no such problem. If anyone comes across it, please let me know.

My configuration:
1080Ti 11Gb
32 Gb ddr4

Have you tried updating to the latest Nvidia driver? A couple of weeks ago Nvidia distributed a new one optimised for FH4.

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Thanks for the answer, the drivers are new. I suspect that the hard drive is tired, it is old and FPS and lags appear in almost all games. We had a lot of blackouts and the hard drive may have broken. I placed an order for m2 ssd, let’s see what happens next …

The M2 SSD will definitely make a big difference to your loading times. You will love it!

I think it will be so and the problem will be solved))) Thank you for your communication)