Four cam tbird's Race Livery Gallery - TURN 10 SELECT! Dynomax Exhaust Buick GNX

At this point you have likely found this thread by clicking on the link in my signature. While this is in the FM5 section all of these designs should be imported to FM6. I will be creating a thread in the FM6 section when I start actively creating new things there, which should be soon. Many of the original liveries have also now been applied to other cars in FM6 and if you like something but want it on another car in FM6, send me a message and I will make it happen.

Welcome to my Paint Gallery. The latest design will always be featured at the top of this post and all previously created designs are organized below. All designs shared and can be found by searching for gamertag four cam tbird. WIPs are in the posts below.

1987 Buick Regal GNX - I originally did this design on a Nova but the Nova has some areas on it that stretch shapes. So to submit the design for the Livery Contest I applied it to the Buick as it didn’t have any glitch areas that interfered with the design. I had posted that the design was shared but never posted images of it here since it was just a copy and paste basically of a car I had already done. The Turn 10 Select status makes it deserving of some actual pics though. The contingency stickers are different than the Nova and I made the number 4 instead of 40 because the 40 was sort of cartoony as was discussed in the thread.

Trans Am Replicas
1995 Ford SVT Cobra R (also available on 2015 Mustang now) driven by Dorsey Schroeder during the 1996 SCCA Trans Am season Use with Cervinis or Saleen Side skirts, two versions for stock and Forza front bumper and one for Cervinis front bumper.

1971 Plymouth Cuda driven by Dan Gurney (version pictured) and Swede Savage (available on sharefront with number 42 but not pictured) TURN 10 SELECT in FM6

1990 Camaro IROC Z driven by Mitchell Bender in 1993, he ran about half the schedule

Classic Endurance Racer Replicas
Ford GT40 Mario Andretti crashed this car after 188 laps in the 1967 24 Hours of Lemans when a brake pad was installed backwards, shown here in the process of locking up a wheel and going off track moments before their race ended.

Ford GT40 Dan Gurney and AJ Foyt’s 1967 24 Hours of Lemans race winner shown sliding into the Ford Chicanes, this can be found on all newer Ford GTs in FM6 as well.

Ford GT40 Bruce McLaren and Mark Donohue’s 1967 24 Hours of Lemans 4th place finisher

Ford GT40 Ronnie Bucknam and Paul Hawkins, 1967 24 Hours of Lemans credited with 18th place after a mechanical failure with just a few hours remaining

Ford GT40 Mario Andretti, driving with Bruce McLaren, fared better at Sebring than LeMans, winning the 1967 12 hour race.

Shelby Daytona Coupe 1964 12 Hours of SEbring winner driven by Holbrook and McDonald beat the '65 winners by 4 laps. I’m not sure what was up with the funky number sizing but that’s really how it ran.

Trans Am Designs inspired by other liveries
1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 inspired by Mark Martin’s 1995 Brickyard livery. TURN 10 SELECT in FM6

1965 Mustang with a livery inspired by David Pearson’s Holman Moody Torino.

1969 Pontiac Firebird with livery inspired by Banner Engineering Grand AM car

Original Trans Am Designs
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 sponsored by Competition Cams TURN 10 SELECT in FM6

AMC Javelin sponsored by Hot Wheels (also a version with the #9 shared)

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T sponsored by Direct Connection, a Mopar brand in the 60’s and 70’s promoting the ability for racers to directly contact Chrysler’s engineers.

1993 Mustang Cobra R sponsored by Flowmaster Exhaust in 1993 Trans Am series style

1969 Chevy Nova SS 396 liveried with the Earl’s performance plumbing logos. Earl’s is owned by the Holley performance group so I did the Holley logo for the hood.

Other Original Designs
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle sponsored by Comp Cams

1966 Nova sponsored by Dynomax mufflers (also now available on Buick GNX)

Cadillac CTS-V V logo (updated version shared with #39 and using custom contingency logos instead of the canned stock in game ones)

Cadillac CTS-V Shield (updated version shared using custom made logos instead of stock ones)

BMW M6 M Power

Fiat Abarth Punto Super Sport Scorpion

1965 Mini Cooper sponsored by Hot Wheels

Citroen DS3 sponsored by Ore Ida French Fries (get it, French car, French fries? HA! Wah wah…)

Renault Turbo 5 sponsored by Ore Ida

Maserati MC12

2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Acura Integra

Non Racing Replicas
1995 Audi RS2 Clark Griswold’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster with Graffiti

2011 Ford Raptor Border Patrol, this can be found on all Raptors, the H1 and the Escalde in FM6


Looking pretty good mate! Both are very nice and the Valvoline base is really cool.

Bump for 1970 Camaro Z28 design featured at top of the OP.

The Camaro looks really nice mate! Good job with it, great logo work and all around nice job.

Bump to show off the improvements to the Mark Martin 1995 Brickyard scheme (the original pre-revised design pics have been replaced since the design stopped being featured, to see changes you would have to follow an image link into my photobucket or see the difference in the game)

I had previously created the base of this scheme which can be seen down in the gallery. I decided it needed to be improved for the livery contest, I’m bound and determined to make Turn 10 Select one of these weeks! There is a glitch on this car in that the mirror color won’t change from the base if you select another color. The mirrors needed to be dark blue but I had originally started with a white base. It was easier then I was expecting to flip the base from white to dark blue, thankfully. This also fixed the rear spoiler color that I had previously neglected if you aren’t running the rear aero. It now has the proper #6 for a Mark Martin replica in the properly created number styling. The Valvoline lettering is also supposed to be slanted, The lettering was all created by me before but in the standard Valvoline straightness and not the slant as it was on the real race car. I also tweaked the base scheme a bit with some slight improvements.

Nice paints mate, the additions are great! They’re not alright-a, they’re Ore-Ida.

Some nice paints here mate good muscle and old school collection I really like that fiat punto will grab that later keep em coming

Thanks guys. The Fiat has actually been updated to get rid of the canned contingency logos and put on the modern logos I custom made found on some of the other cars here. I didn’t think it was a big enough change to warrant new pics but I’m certain you won’t be disappointed when you pull it up.

The featured design is now the WIP Direct Connection Challenger. Next update will be when this design is completed.

An existing design, my Border Patrol Raptor replica, has been added to the bottom of the gallery in the OP.

The Challenger looks great, just take those gaudy wheels off of it, they don’t quite fit. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see the end result.

I like those wheels, to each his own though. The good thing is, wheel style and size aren’t tied to a paint, just wheel color :). Though I’m not totally set on the wheel color for this livery yet either.

The 1970 Challenger Direct Connection fantasy Trans Am livery is complete and featured at the top of the OP.

some good stuff on here mate, i like the mini its a fun design

The Challenger looks good mate, nice job with this one!

I have been submitting designs to the livery contests trying to get featured. I feel like I’ve submitted some good designs that work well with solid logo work. Half the designs submitted are selected every week from what I can tell but to this point I’ve failed to get selected. I’ve posted the Mark Martin Mustang, Direct Connection Challenger, Hot Wheels AMC, Dan Gurney Cuda, and possibly something else that is slipping my mind (haven’t submitted the Comp Cams Camaro yet, planning on that this week). I’m kind of at a loss and looking for some constructive criticism on what I can do to improve my designs to help me in future weeks as I’m currently working on Dorsey Schroeder’s Raybestos Mustang.

This is the Schroeder Mustang I did in Forza 2.

First off if the mustang looks anything like the Forza 2 iteration then I think we have a winner. Now as far as contests goes here is what I think you are missing.

1.) Ramp up the photo quality: Your photo’s are all a little grainy or too bright or too dark, the logos don’t look crisp. You should work on that first as that is key and can really make your car look great. You don’t need to be a pro “Forzatographer” Lord knows I’m not. You do however need more crisp photography.

2.) Without sounding big-headed I feel that a reason you didn’t get featured this week was because I did. I don’t think T10 would feature 2 of the same make and model. They saw both of our cars and in the end decided to feature mine, they had to make a choice and the competition was a tad too stiff this week.

3.) Finally, make designs that nobody has done yet. They like to see originality and creativity, designs that are funky usually do better. If you are the first to do it, it really helps, if you want to go the original route that is also good too.

That is all I can think of. Other than that, just keep painting and honing your skills, I can’t wait to see that Mustang!

Cheers, Ace

I used to think Id never win in the livery contest but I’ve won 3 times now (and I’m by far one of the best on here )once a month since March wish I entered since November might have had more.
What ace has to say is spot on ,look at everyone’s entry photos and see how they show off the car ,also don’t be afraid to enter the same car because you never won last week because that week might had more entry’s etc etc keep plugging away at it mate I’m sure your get there

This is my current big project. This car has a ton of contingency decals I haven’t done before. Plus the Raybestos flags that go on the roof which, are also quite a task. Dorsey Schroeder drove this car for a couple years in the mid-90’s.

While researching that car, I discovered a Trans Am part timer and sort of back marker with a livery that didn’t require a lot of extra work over the time spent doing the decals for the above car. I like to try to feature the logos I do on cars when I really just do them for a small decal anyway. Probably the only time anyone will ever try to create the livery of Mitchell Bender from the 1993 Trans Am season in which he only ran half the races.

I’m working on a Flowmaster decal for that and then have a couple other little detail things to add to the rocker. The current rocker panel stickers are also currently in the wrong order but getting that changed around won’t be a big deal.

Some nice race paints mate.
Do you have any with the #39 on them?

You just want any schemes with the 39 on them? I could switch the number on any car up there with the #39 really. Let me know what you would drive and I can whip something together and let you know when it is done. Especially the fictional schemes. I just arbitrarily pick numbers for those most of them time. It isn’t a huge issue to change them.