Forzthon: Get 2 million skill points keep resetting to zero

I’m trying to gather the 2 million skill score needed for this week’s Forzathon Weekly Challenge. I had about 500,000 when I went to bed last night. This morning my first skill chain was about 175,000 points and when I checked my progress on the Forzathon menu, yesterday’s numbers were gone and all I had was today’s first chain.

Do all 2 million skill score need to be scored at once, before you switch cars or do something else or log off?

Get 2 million skill points keep resetting to zero whenever i close the game. Example i get 400k skill points, close the game and then getting back on im at 0 skill points.

Happened to my friend too

Same thing happened to me. I tried to post a thread about it but I’m new so my posts are still in moderation (or at least I assume that’s why)

It’s been discussed ad nauseum. It needs to be completed in one gaming session, quiting the game and restarting seems to cause skill points to be over written.