Forzgetabout IT

Appreciate I’m not saying anything new, but I’m so frustrated I simply had to post to try and get it out of my system as this game is not ready.

The game won’t start if I span my three screens, just crashes to desktop. I’m running the latest nvidia founders editions cards in SLI yet suffer constant stuttering, slow downs all the time on a single monitor. There must be a memory leak because you need to restart the game if you want to have a serious session due to progressive lagging as time goes by.

I generally play with most of the assists off outside of those I actually use in RL when tracking cars but this is impossible in FM7, unless you constantly want to restart the race.

AI is simply shocking; I used to complain about AI in FM6 but it now feels heavenly in comparison. Unless you drive the way they do and hope you get away without damaging something serious within the first two corners you’re at the back of the pack needing to pit and that’s with avatar aggression turned off.

My Clubsport Fanatec, which handles perfectly in every other game I play like PC2, FM6, Dirt 4, iRacing etc etc, isn’t accurate here no matter what settings I use. Progressive braking or acceleration is practically impossible even with dampers fitted. Manintaing acceleration through turns (if you’re not nerfed off the track) is a completely hit and miss affair as is trying to late brake.

Car handling feels much worse than FM6 and driving tracks like Yas Marina (which I track in RL regularly) makes this feel like an arcade racer rather than a pseudo-simulator and nowhere near as enjoyable as FM6. Time of day appears to have no appreciable difference to handling or how tyres wear which on a track like Yas Marina is ridiculous.

Nowhere is this issue more prevalent than on wet circuits. Yes they look gorgeous, but in FM6 things really felt slippery in the wet and the aqua planing mechanics along with the FFB were incredibly realistic. In FM7 you hardly need to modify your driving when it’s wet.

I live in Dubai and the Dubai Circuit is hilarious. If you drive a heavy V8 rear wheel car like a Mustang around a corner at speed with even a twitch of throttle or brake over the smallest amount of drifting sand you slide in a heartbeat yet no such problems ingame here when friction compensation is off.

VIP benefits are a total retrograde step, not to mention bordering on false advertising for those people, like me, who preordered. The tier model for cars is ill-conceived as is the way you progress through the game. The avatar on the main screen looks like he/she is doing swan lake, flapping about like a bird and the mods offer nothing in comparison to FM6.

FM6 might not look as nice but it’s hands down the better game and a more enjoyable experience to boot. I really was excited about FM7, yet it’s been a total let down which is a total chore to play. Such a shame Turn 10 didn’t take the extra time, wait for the Xbox One X to come out before releasing this.

I don’t mind beta testing games for free, but I do object to having to pay to do so especially when it feels this was released early to ensure when Microsoft’s latest console arrives most of the issues have been ironed out.

When your previous release is more playable than your latest offering something is clearly very very wrong!

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On XBOX ONE with a Thrustmaster the game plays a million times better than FM6. The FFB in 6 was diabolical, in my opinion the feel of the latest iteration of FORZA is a huge step forward. Just a shame the rest of the game isn’t.

On a controller on the XBOne it handles better than 6.

Also, I was totally expecting the famous killer mafia clown Pennisaggio.

I like this idea that we get all the bugs fixed because of Xbox One X. Not many weeks left! Surely it would be a disaster if things are not fixed by then. Right?