Forzavista startup confusion! And suggestions.

Okay, so I do rarely spend time in the Forzavista, but I thought I’d look through some cars tonight! So heres some observations and suggestions i had in mind. First the observation… I’ve not not started up every car but I’ve noticed that most of the cars, when you start them up from the inside, that a brief cinematic of the body is played while you here it startup. But with the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador, when you start it up, in focuses in on the dashboard! Honestly I like that more than the cinematic body shots, as you can see the rev dial when it revs up! Anynody know why the Aventador is unique in that aspect??

Now for 2 suggestions. 1, that on start up, the game doesnt make the car rev up; thats our job lol, but rather, JUST start up, so we can hear the raw engine noise. And 2, when selecting to drive out after startup, no cinematics, but let us drive out ourselves, that would be a great deal of fun! It would even be cool to be able to turn the car on and off while driving on the road!

Ignition plays a very important role in the character and fun of the vehical in my opinion!

Thanks for reading my post! Any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts to this thread are more than welcomed!



What I didn’t know is that NOT every car is Forzavista complete. The classic Corvette is not full Forzavista, i.e. can’t check out the engine. This was a surprise, I thought ALL cars had full Forzavista.
Now I wonder how many are not Forzavista complete?

I guess this feature is only for Motorsport and not all of Horizon then.

There was a list on Forzacentral which had the cars which were full forzavista and ones that were half or none.

It might just be me but it seems like even more cars in FH3 have full forzavista than FM6.

I could swear there’s more in FM6 with full Forvavista than in FH3. There’s cars in FH3 that do not have it in full, despite having it in FM6.

Taking a guess, Forzavista, the name and it being on every car (unlike FM4’s Autovista which had maybe 15-20 cars) started with FM5, and the Aventador was one of the advertising points of that game, being featured in the demos of that game for game shows like E3 and that. Taking advantage of this game-forzavista dual advertisement opportunity, the Aventador has the “real-life” start-up as opposed to the generic one you get on virtually every other car.

Off the top of my head, I believe the Lexus LFA and the Ferrari F12belinetta have this same “dashboard focus” start-up. I think one or both of the Paganis have this too (not the DLC Huayra BC).

Thanks for the responses guys. Now I have confirmed that the Lexus LFA, Lamborghini Aventador, and Pagani Huayra all share the same start-up but not the f12 tdf.

I’d trade all of Forzavista for more accurate engine sounds.