Forzavista error new Datsun

Hey Forzavista talks about how great Nissan is when you listen to the blurb about the new DLC Datsun. Don’t know if it’s supposed to our what, but I sort of doubt it. =)

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See ya learn somethin’ new every day.

Thank you sir for clarification in these trying times of who makes what car. Though they should babble about how great Datsun is or something… I mean if they are great, other than the game I’ve never heard of 'em. Go figure right?

Datsun doesnt exist anymore,it changed to Nissan a long time ago…they could only say Datsun WAS great
guessing you are quite young never to have heard of Datsun

Actually, it does.

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Mustve been a special Derpanese edition

Datsun brand was changed in some countries too. Here in the UK Datsun were prevalent in the 70’s and early 80’s, before being phased out for Nissan’s.

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The Datsun name was something Nissan badged their cars for export with. IIRC they weren’t sure how receptive the American and UK markets would be towards Nissan (also they thought there might be a bit of a backlash on the name since Nissan was quite involved in WWII manufacturing) so they went with the name Datsun instead. So with that being said, all of the Datsuns are just Nissan cars with different badging (and different engines, layouts sometimes).

I think around the late 70s/early 80s they started switching the cars over from Datsun back to Nissan badging though. If we’re talking the sports cars, I believe the last Datsun badged one was the 280z and then after, they went with Nissan badging for the 280ZX.

So yeah, from the 60s to the about 1980 they were Datsuns. From the 80s and onward, they switched back to Nissan.

Whats more confusing though is those cars called “Datsuns” in export markets are still Nissans in Japan. So the “Datsun 240z” export model was a “Nissan Fairlady Z” in Japan.

Anywho, I probably messed some of that info up but I’m pretty sure it’s close anyway LOL

Yep, they rebooted the brand for the SEA, Russian & Australian markets a couple of years ago IIRC

Nope - Datsun died in Australia in the 80’s (officially Datsun ceased to exist in 1986 but in some “emerging” markets - Russia, India, South Africa and Indonesia specifically - was revived in 2013) and has not returned to other markets (I used to have one of the last Datsun Skylines).

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