Forzatography via FH5

Forzatography has become one of the largest thrills in the Forza world, with millions of fans capturing epic shots via photo-mode.

So far, fans share their captures on here, Instagram & in Facebook groups. What’s something Playground Games could introduce, that allows us to share Forzatography in a whole new way? Suggestions?

Our HUD could use photos of our car instead of the default image. So the HUD could have a camera on it, and then allow you to take a photo of your car anywhere on the map, and then that image becomes your vinyl description image. To save storage space the photo also goes into your photo collection taking up a slot in there which would mean that PG Games wouldn’t need any extra storage space for the photo.

They said that there will be ray tracing in forzavista, do we know or have any idea if there might be ray tracing in photo mode as well?

Being as a photo is just a screen grab, it would be a bit silly not to screen grab a ray trace.

Forzavista is limited to specific static locations, like your garages, isn’t it? It may be that the static nature of the environment allows them to cheat, such as pre-casting some of the rays, which might make raytracing possible in those environments, but not necessarily anywhere on the map…

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I would really appreciate it if when I take a picture of my car, the end result does not show my car moving in 3 totally different directions at 1 time. if you think I’m kidding, just check the angles. The perspectives are all wrong.

If I’m drifting, and the game sure wants you to spend a whole lot of time doing that (I know, because it makes cars that could never ever drift, slide like a charm), my wheels are turned to the right, the front right panel of the car is going to the left, the windshield and side windows are moving to the right, the back right panel of the car is slewing to the left, and the top and back left side of the car are moving to the right - - impossible… and so is zig-zagging in mid air after leaving the danger sign on a jump.