Forzatography Central - "The Pendulum Effect" PHOTOCOMP [OPEN]

Dedicated to the photography sub-community that surrounds the franchise, we provide a warm, welcoming environment for all who express an interest in Forzatography, new and experienced people alike. Complete with a growing list of features and activities for our members to get involved with, there’s never a dull moment in Central with plenty of opportunities to drive inspiration and promote growth.

Primarily, our aim is to provide an environment rich with inspiration and engagement; something which has progressively deteriorated since the FM4 days. Over in our Facebook group, we have already achieved this with a now thriving community of individuals who share a passion for photography whether in-game or out in the real world. Given this, we now plan to bring this over to the forums. Managed by leaders of Forzatography Collective, in collaboration with Forzatographers International and Pendulum Tuning Garage, these very forums are hardwired into the DNA of FTCentral so a strong focus in the run up to Forza Motorsport 7 will be creating plans for the forum aspect to execute once FM7 arrives. These will then bring the forums to be an integral part of the Central community, which in turn will drive traffic over from Facebook with more galleries, engagement and community spirit.

As a side aim, we set out to inspire people to branch out to the wider world of photography outside of Forza. One of the many magical things about Forza is the rich photo-mode that is offered with every game. For some of us, this photo-mode has been the sole reason for us taking up photography as a hobby in the outside world. For others who are already photographers, Forza has at times been used as a tool to plan out their photos.

Currently, we offer more exciting content and activities than can be found anywhere else. As part of our commitment to this community, we are always looking at ways to breathe new life into Forzatography to make it more enjoyable for our members. Not only does our content provide opportunities for already established Forzatographers, but also provides a helping hand for those who are interested in starting out in the photography scene, ensuring everyone gets a chance to flourish. Below is a detailed list of what we currently offer, with more in the pipeline for when Forza 7 is released.

Weekly Competitions

A given in any community, competitions run on a weekly basis covering a range of fun themes to keep them interesting and challenging for all who take part.

Inspire Me (Activity)

Stuck for ideas for your latest batch of photos? The Inspire Me activity is there to resolve such a mental block. With each new activity we set out specific guidelines on what we want to see so that you can experiment and try something new. An example of these guidelines could be: “Take a B&W photo of the Mercury Coupe in the city at night.”

Capture The Moment (Activity)

CTM is a weekly activity whereby the photos you take are centred around a specific song. The aim is to focus on the mood, lyrics and sway of the song, coupled with the atmosphere of the music video (if applicable) to ‘capture the moment’.

Weekly Themes

Each week, we host a different theme within Central (For example: Scenery) with people uploading their photos to a dedicated album. Not only is this a great way to share your themed photos and view others, but it gets people to try something they may not have tried previously. At the end of the themed week, the admins then compile an album of their favourites to be featured.

Memory Lane

Memory Lane serves to inspire members current and future who are new to the Forzatography scene. The one thing every photographer has in common is where we start. Unsure of what we are doing, what each setting does and what we want to achieve. Within a dedicated event in the group, members can post a 10-photo ‘timeline’ showing their journey as a Forzatography, from start to present.

The Archives

The Archives is an album set aside to “Archive” photos posted within the group which provide inspiration to fellow Forzatographers, whether that be newer people, or those who have been snapping for years.

Spotify Playlists

Catered towards photography, our spotify playlists capture a variety of different moods and genres to provide a boost in creativity when taking photos.

Flickr Group

For the members who are on Flickr, our Flickr group acts as a place to discover photos and photostreams that you may not have otherwise found. Great for if you are looking for a boost in traffic to your feed.

Looking forward towards Forza Motorsport 7, we’ll begin to slowly integrate FTCentral with the Forzatography section on the forums. This will include hosting our weekly themes and activities on both the forums and the group, while also working toward some exclusive features for the forums. This thread will act as the hub for all forum activity for now, with a new, full hub arriving in the FM7 section. Aside from that, we’ll be looking to further include the forums in other aspects in a way that works well for everyone. (FTCentral is already home to a large chunk of forum regulars, so this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.)

Finally, if you wish to join us in our journey, you can do so via the links below:

Facebook group
Facebook Page
Flickr Group


Nights Viper
Apparently God

Insane Ridicule
A9 Atlas
Presumably God
MFU 82

If you have any questions, please contact either myself, Nights Viper, Apparently God or Sergi01978 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




Banner credit: PTG DANO 408

To mark the return of the new and improved competitions, Forzatography Central & Pendulum Tuning Garage have teamed up to present “The Pendulum Effect”. This competition is all about designs, requiring you to capture any PTG design however you see fit. It’s as simple as that.

To add a little something for the winner, we’ll be giving away the following prizes:

  • Forzatography Central prize car, designed by PTG Stuzib85

  • Choice of either the Blizzard Mountain, Hot Wheels or VIP DLC

  • Pack of FTCentral window stickers (2x FTC / 1x PTG)

  • 4 Million CR


  • This is a BLIND photocomp, meaning you will not be posting your photos in this thread, or in the event within FTCentral. Details on how to enter can be found below.

  • Your entry must contain a design by any PTG member. The design you choose is entirely up to you.

  • Entries can be made using FM6 & FH3 only.

  • Your entry must be a new photo taken specifically for this competition. (Due to it being a blind competition)

  • Please do not publish your photo anywhere until after the voting has finished.

  • No editing is permitted for this competition.

  • One entry per person, though you can update your entry as many times as you like throughout the duration of the entry period.

  • Admins of Forzatography Central cannot enter this competition.


Entries will be submitted via a private message to the Forzatography Central FB Page, or via PM to Hachikata on the forums. Simply take the photo in-game and then share the link to the photo in your My Forza gallery on Once the photo has been downloaded, you will then receive a message to unshare the photo in-game.


Prize car:

Photos by: Apparently God

PTG Official Release Catalogue

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