| Forzatographers Intl. | Meet?

Photo by LazarusJackson and Edited by Novux

Photo by Pebb and Edited by Novux



FH2 Meet begins on Saturday, December 27th @ 8PM EST and ends on Sunday, December 28th @ 3 or 4 AM EST

And as always, non-FTI members are always welcome to attend.





I have remade the club due to misspelling and changed it to “Forzatographers Intl.” The club is open for anyone to join ATM since I’m unable to send out invites for some reason. I’ve reached out to those who were in the club at the time via XBL inbox.

Other than that, we had another unofficial FTI meet today and it was fun. Even with BO and I in the back with our Toyobarus…

Run down of today’s events.

Photo Stig is fast and cheats

Zedd builds cars that are too big and useless for anything other than flipping and drifting

I just wreck

Evo likes his Sciotyauru’s FRZ86GT

And BO runs people off the road

And we all missed one check point, but BO.

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I think I ran him off more than he did to the rest, lol. It didn’t seem like he did tho. Oh well…looking forward to the next one and our first official meet.

Sorry guys that i skipped the third Championship, something came up and i had to deal with it.

That just mean Stack, i don’t normally run people off the road (except the one that tries to over take me) lol.
Truly it wasn’t my fault, one minute you’re in front of me, the next you’re beside me , but that’s nothing compared to, that all of you were smoking the tires in a straight line, doing 200 mph, don’t know how it happened but it did.

Basically the whole meet was like this, everyone was in front and evo and i we where at the back drifting, that sums up the meet, lol.

And i agree on the last point :smiley:

sorry, double post


I didn’t cheat, just lagged out a couple of times.

We need to do this again.

Ooh a thread. Don’t forget, Team Miata!

Edit - hang on, my cars were fabulous. I mean, they did kinda well, right?!

I wonder how many of us can get a win in the first FH2 PMC.

Ahh sorry I didn’t came guys. Was photographing my new rally car ^^

I was with you guys for two races. Barely finished the one race as I was right behind two guys (Zed and someone else), who were side by side and split off to avoid oncoming traffic. Needless to say I went head on with the car and I have been playing with sim damage so I could barely get out of 2nd gear after that. Too bad I couldn’t have stayed longer

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Awesome, cheers evo!