I did the airport jump before the forzathon came out and now how do i get the new porshe?

You have to do the jump (3 star distance) while the Forzathon is active.

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Just do the jump again and beat 168 metres

Hey Talby. Did you see the leaderboard? Someone has jumped more than 600 meters!! How is that even possible?? [insert baffled emoticon] :S

Glitched or modded
Good if there was a video clip of it

On that particular jump I don’t think it’s possible without cheating because there’s a lot of sand banks and road bumps before the jump, it’s pretty hard to approach the ramp at a good speed.

If it is in fact possible, certainly the person used an X-Class car.

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Quick question, what’s a good car for the jump? Confused a bit, throwing every high power car at it.

ive just used the Ariel Nomad with a 909 tune
beat all my previous scores quite easily on 4 different accounts

used it for the speed one too just driving full speed backwards and forwards along the airstrip since I was so close anyway with the airport jump

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I used an Ariel Nomad that had been upgraded. Took less than 5 minutes to hit the 3 stars again. I had plenty of speed, just had to rewind and adjust my point of entry a few times.


I just did the jump 3 times, all 3 starts, never got notified of winning the Porsche.

Did you get the 3 star distance of 168m though
The results acreen shows your previous best unless you beat it

This jump is perfectly doable, in a previous forzathon you had to do it in Mercedes G 65 AMG, a four wheel drive tank. Just fully upgraded and lightening, find the right line no problem.
Also did it in a fully upgraded ford 32 coupe got over 200 m with that.

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I used my Off Road Sesto Elemento because why not?

I used my Ford GT Horizon Edition or porshe 959

Use either the don song tuned centrino or the local motors rally fighter. I think it even has a danger sign tune, max it to 855 or something. Both destroy all jumps