what car do i need to use ? i have bought a d class and upgraded it to a class and played, but how do i get into public infected ? do i need to join online freeroam or ?

Buy a few d class cars, upgrade them all to cover c,b,a and s1 classes, then on the social tab, click online adventure and choose custom > games only

It’s pot luck as to which games you will get, but it shouldn’t take too long to get the 5 infected and 5 rush games in.

Personally, I would just go and do online freeroam instead of playing with online adventure. You could set up a flag rush or infected game to a particular championship/body style or car class, but I would just do open class so you have a better chance of people wanting to do it. Just bare and grin it against the S1, S2, and X class cars.

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I must have been lucky in my online adventures then 7 in a row and classes were c, b, a and s1 with A and B being the most popular

There are a number of huge generalizations and my experience has not seen them to be true at all

At OP you want a number of D class cars upgrade to each of the classes listed.

C class was only once and I didn’t have a car thinking that I needed s2 and s1 (never used my s2 from d car)

A, B, S1 would be hat you need to focus on
Need to go custom, games only to be able to get infected and flag one remotely quickly