forzathon would not work, issue not resolved.

when i was doing forzathon, i would complete a objective and never get any rewards. When i would win a race online, it would give me the “win a race online in a Ferrari to get 10,00 credits” but not the “win a race in a Ferrari to get 10,000 credits.” after winning 5 races in a Ferrari and not getting achievements i just shut off my Xbox. I missed out on one of my favorite Ferrari. I paid a 100$ for this game and it glitches like this. Also it took me two weeks to get my rewards (the one you redeem on this website). Thanks, i’m really **** ed.


I was told to contact the support email. That email has never worked before when i tried contacting it for other issues. Also can i be gifted a Ferrari 599XX because i was not told that i had to do the race in horizon solo to unlock the achievement. All the time i see stuff like this happen with other people. The moderators never fix a issue, just suggest a email or shut down your thread for no reason. Also i might not be the only person having this issue,e as their is so little Ferrari 599XX auctions considering 1000’s of people could of done this forzathon. I am not doing no hard reset for your 100$ broken game. If i get banned from the forums it will further show my point.

It just said to win a race in a Ferrari, the other one was to complete an online race in a Ferrari. 2 separate things. I never assumed that you could get 2 for the price of 1 so did them properly and got the reward.

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That’s our role, because we don’t have the technical access to do anything about game issues. And the forums Code of Conduct specifically instructs users to contact, and to not keep posting when a thread has already been locked. There’s nothing else to do here. Contact the email if you wish, but don’t keep posting here when you’ve been told to email there.