Forzathon Weekly Challenge resetting

The Forzathon weekly challenge Pull Out All The Stops keeps resetting my score to zero. I have been building my score and reached over 904k then it reset. I got the scor back up and then it reset again. Whats going on??


I got my score over 2 million twice and it resets, seems that once you disconnect from the session due to turning xbox off or being away for a while that score resets, needs fixed asap

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I had a thread and it got deleted, I got 40k away from the 7mil, game reset and it restarted again

your thread is here

there is quite a few other threads on this topic too

I got to 5 million once, then reset, then 6 million then it reset and then I got 7 million and its complete

have done over 30 million skill score in about 4 hours of playing, but on the bright side also have fully mastered several cars with all those skill points , over 300 :slight_smile:

Just posting in hopes thisll get noticed. Realized it was happening when i got home from work and had 0 points when this morning i had a couple million.

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yes i’ve been recording when it happens cant see what the cause is, even thought it was crashing and resetting skills but that wasn’t it, but i’ve had 2 million twice and set back to $600,000 and $4,000,000 back to $600,000 again this morning…I just reached 2 million again and went back to 600,000 just now, sux
Sending Forza my Bill for my headache and ulcer meds and I live in Cali $$$$$ :slight_smile: :frowning:

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I was at 4 million when I logged on today and now I am at 200k.

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confirmed, banked 3.8mil yesterday, had to go and when i came back it was reset. so i thought it didn’t save properly so i tried again and lost another 2.6 mil points today…

Happens to me too. Yesterday I started with about 4 mil and thought about finishing the challenge. Then I made some points just to see that it had reset to Zero…quite frustrating…

Also here. It has been resetted multiple times.

Same here $56m. Then reset to 100!

Same for me. It resettet already twice. On Thursday I had around 5m and it resetted an Friday. Yesterday I had already 3.5m and it resetted again to 0 today :frowning:

The weekly Forzathon challenges are really annoying for me. It is now the third week (Summer/Autumn/Winter) were the weekly Forzathon challenge is not working correctly and can’t be finished by me :frowning:

I think I will leave Forzathon challenges from now on, because it is a real waste of time.

Same thing, was at 6,7m, doing 300k. Then boom. Reseted to 1m

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Exactly the same - around 4million then reset to nothing! Not happy and needs resolving

Samething here… :confused:

Ive had it up to 6.8 mil twice now… Im not doing it anymore, if it keeps reseting there is no point in playing the forzathon things at all…

i am also having this issue. Last night I was over a million, then I checked again and was down to 355k. This morning I started at 355k, did a bunch of driving and ended up with 155k (about the same as if I started from 0). The grind to 7million wasn’t going to be fun… it’s way less fun when you have to grind from 0 over and over again.

Glad I’m not the only one!

I spent about an hour and half building up to about 6.8m and then found it has reset, proper annoying!

They need to fix it otherwise nobody will complete the challenge

Yeah same happened to me really frustrating I’ve just given up I’ve had it reset 4 times now would have already had the 7million

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Same here, it happened to me yesterday with 100k, and now today with >1 million. It’s super broken. :frowning:

Between the unclear statements about how you have to do the challenges in order, and the ambiguous ‘Offroad’ type of cars, to the message the game gave me that I didn’t own any Offroad vehicles when I did (I already owned a vehicle that specifically qualified for the challenge), this stuff is incredibly broken…

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Same thing…hopefully they are able to track it. VERY annoying!!!