Forzathon still is simply terrible

Well I have done the events , they show as the circle is filled in. All three but it will not register.

Forzathon has been broken since Turn 10 put it into FM7. Do you do QA???

I would send a pic but can’t figure out how to send it with this post.

Hopefully this is the URL of the pic of the above showing that all events have been done but the completion is not registered.

try doing 1 more race at Rio
it’s been suggested in all the other threads on the same issue and then it pops


I just completed the #Forzathon challenges to get the '32 Ford, I even got the achievement, but it won’t give me the reward car. And of course if I contact Microsoft Support, they tell me that it’s the developer’s job to fix coding errors and to contact Turn 10, who have NO ACTIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT just a message to go back to Microsoft, who can’t help! Turn 10 obviously doesn’t care about their individual customers, and I will personally NEVER pre-order a Forza game ever again, nor will I recommend that anyone do so. This has been Turn 10’s S.O.P. ever since Forza 5 and, really, I think we’re all chumps for thinking they’re gonna change. If I do buy any more of their products (and I probably will, as I love the Horizon game style and own every Forza game since Forza 2) it will be AFTER all content is released and patched. Over the next few games, I hope they will alter their M.O. and regain my/our trust, but they will have to earn it.


The same thing happened to me. I quit the game and when I came back in the car was in the Forzathon tile.

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Have you completed another race since the achievement popped
Try it if you havent already

I have the same issue, So far I restarted Forza Motorsport 7, turned console on and off, and then also did another race still nothing. I will try a hard reset later and update

The hard reset work, I now have the car

What was so stupid about doing the “finish in top 3 in Rio” challenge you could set it 0 drivatars so you are driving by yourself and the challenge still popped lol
No challenge at all really

Always do 1 more race/rivals after the achievement pops to get your reward car

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won the race for the GT GT in the hot wheel did not happen, okay I think maybe some kind of glitch passed Baron Bay played the race won not what did not happen. Okay, I think it might be in the car or it should be put that would be some fords taking a Ford carpree. D class meal goliav 1 place but nothing happens. Probably they do it in a special way in the horizon and motorsport 7.We’ll wait when it’s fixed. Just before all the FORZAPHONS I went through with the antivirus avast but now I do not want to do any kind of achievements not in the horizons not motorcycling 7. I’m playing on PC right now I’ve disabled the antivirus I will try to play again. Win 10 Amd fx -8320e RAM 12 G Geforce GTX 1050 .Well, yes, even if you say that the fact is that we use the wrong machine, but I now performed the “technique of air” for 20 minutes, I was there more than 5 times it was performed, but the achievement does not take into account that is, fortress does not show that I won HP .maybe it’s in the code of the game because I have the same problem in FM 7 I was on the Australian car once 5 to 5 laps, At different stages I have 5 of them but not what Forzafon weighs

Forzathon - yeah. The only reason to play the game, by now - after plenty of bugs and much more waiting for them to fix it. So I started the game, did two of that thingies and…nothing. A while later, they CHANGED the challenges…great job, again.

Yeah, another milestone on that REALLY VERY FREAKING long list.