Forzathon speed challenge issues

The “Tis the Season” Forzathon challenge requires me to complete a race where i go at least 220 MPH at night. I did just that, racing in the Chevy Team Penske IndyCar on the Old Mulsanne Circuit at Le Mans. The speedometer clearly showed I made it up to 237 MPH…but I didn’t get the credit for it. The Forzathon page says I only went 204 MPH! I’ve had this happen before when I was given speed challenges. Why isn’t my top speed registering?!

Maybe you should look at the game speed not the cars speed, the cars speed could be out.

It would be a lot easier to run this on the Daytona Speedway. Less chance of getting a penalty on the track.

This keeps happening to me as well. It’s the third time I can’t complete a Forzathon because no matter what speed I reach during any race (and I reached over 200 mph), FM7 only registers I reached 177 mph. I even contacted forzafb email but nobody cares and replies. It’s an obvious major game breaking bug, given that there isn’t much else to do in the game than playing the weekly Forzathons.

Maybe post your issue in support thread?

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