Forzathon shop offering favoritism

Thanks for making the Apollo cheap in the Forzathon shop for only a portion of the FH4 community during the live update show. Massive number of us aren’t in the UK so we were working or at school. Why not do it for the rest of the day? Epic fail. :-1::-1:

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It will be available again on Black Friday apparently or you could just buy one from the Auction House?


Beside the point. They need to either make special prices available to everyone or don’t do it at all. No favoritism.

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They could set another date and time and someone else won’t be able to get it. Regardless of what they decide, not everyone will be happy. Only way to appease everyone is a 24+ hour duration but even then, someone will come on here stating they’re on vacation, travel for work, etc.

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The Auction House in this game is a mess. Please stop suggesting it as a viable alternative for acquiring anything.


The updated Auction house is SO incredibly easy to use it’s not even funny. Sniping from people who make out of game deals (against tos) or people who sell cars on ebay was never easier. I can do more than 20 searches a minute and have gotten a second of every new car released since the AH was updated on the same day those were released. If your willing to sit down and search for the same car for 20 minutes or less, you will get it. No “bots” or external software, just the same order of keystrokes/button presses time and time again. After the gtr’s were given away there really is no exclusivity to the game other than dlc cars which are exclusive for a reason. I do think it’s too bad they banned the BS and TT but left the rebel TRX in as it tends to destroy in most races offroad. But it’s a dlc vehicle so I get it that they can’t ban it.

First, the Apollo was available for EVERYONE in the game as an unlock for racing, if you didn’t get one, that’s your own fault.

Second, honestly at this point if you don’t have the money to buy any car in the game from the auction house, even at a maximum 20 Million Credits, you’re wasting it somehow. I’ve never had to grind for money in FH4 like I did in FH3, and I’m sitting over 203 Million right now just from wheelspin cash and selling extra cars won from wheelspins on the auction house.


Exactly. And I shouldn’t have to spend cash on what UK and EU players got for only 100 forzathon points.

The AH is flawed but if you have enough credits to purchase the Apollo at buyout price then it is obviously a viable option. The max buyout price will also come down as people will have purchased extra so there will be more sales at lower prices.

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It’s not real money, you know.

I’ll buy an Apollo for you @ 8m and list it really cheap for you. How about that?


Bought one for 6,000,000cr and listed it for under 600,000cr for you. Be quick!

Too late…gone already!

If you want one later (after 8:30pm UK) for under 600,000cr let me know and I’ll get you one.

I have over 2 Billion of unclaimed credits from cars sold in the AH that I cannot spend, having already having 999,999,999cr in my bank, so don’t mind really.


Man you’re generous! I would not have the patience or the will to comply to such entitlement.

Tommy Bargains was introduced during the Series 16 livestream, where he announced sales on cars in the Forzathon Shop that were available during the livestream. They announced that the deals will return during Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), where the Forzathon Shop will rotate stock every few hours and may even include Pre-Order cars among the 16 models that will be available. The full list of cars have not been announced yet.

There may be more details about Forzathon Shop sales in future announcements on Twitter or on /News. You can see Tommy in the livestream replay: Forza Horizon 4 | Update 16 Live Stream - YouTube


Nice one. I forgot it was 2 every 3 hours. The PO cars will be interesting depending on the ones listed.

Going to have to clear the garage for a few i reckon :wink:

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That’s great. Doesn’t change the fact the whole community wasn’t given access to the cheap price on the Apollo. Do the right thing and leave it up so everyone can take advantage.

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I agree, it was a bit lame. I’m in UK and could listen but not login to the game so unable to benefit.

Black Friday isn’t great either as the car changes every 3 hours which limits the cars you can get if you need to work, sleep exist in the real world etc.

If they rotated every 30mins, more people could get the cars they want.

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Do anybody know how it`s gonna work this event? Is it starting at 12.00am or another time? I heard in the updated video that offers will change every 3 hours. Give nr morę details if you have any.

I really hope they announce that list before it starts.

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life isn’t fair. you’ll get over it.


Entitlement is the new black.


Can you imagine if life depended on a fake car? Life would be really silly.