Forzathon reward not given

I was experiencing connection problems (couldn’t access the weekly special delivery cars, no messages) but forzathon was working. Did the drift and was supposed to get the motorbike cop suit. When I went to Forzathon menu it didn’t give the suit, instead got a message about not able to connect to servers. I got out of the game, got back in. Now the game shows that I completed the Forzathon challenge but the suit is still locked.
I don’t care much about the suits but this worries me if it will lock me out of the award cars.
I searched the faq and troubleshooting but didn’t see any solution for this.

I had the same problem a couple weeks ago with the '55 MB 300 and never got it, you’re not getting the suit and it doesn’t look like Forza is going to do anything to fix it. I’m a little frustrated because I basically spent all of my limited weekly opportunity to play the game to get that MB because it is so beautiful but don’t have it - sigh… Thought they would have had these issues sorted out after a year but I guess not.