Forzathon Points

Does Anyone know the MAXIMUM number of Forzathon points you can have at one time. I currently have over 9000 and don’t want to Max-out… Thank you

Over 10k

But seriously what are you saving them for?

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I’m gonna miss out on the weekly for the first time since launch because I cant get the damn mile counter to move on the Volvo challenge

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Same. Mine is stuck at 2.0 miles, I gave up.

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Hmm i didnt even know they had a cap… Is this confirmed information?

I have around 1200 myself btw.

Not really “saving” them… just nowt much to buy from the Forzathon shop… and wheelspins are 75% rubbish…


I gave up at 1.63 miles.

i know I am saving mine in case they have a “sale” on super wheelspins. im almost at 5000

The solution from the ticket said to switch to performance but I run in performance so I switched to quality and the counter started working!!!

i now have over 10k…

Just a Quick Update… I now have Over 12k #Forzathon Points…

Get them superspins then.

75% rubbish is 25% goodness. I mean, that is point of spins.

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i now have over 14,000 #Forzathon points…

Just a quick Update… After spending some 1600 points last season, i now have over 20,000 points . . . . :slight_smile:

Given the current inflation of articles in the store, it will be necessary to own thousands to offer themselves an emote or shiny shoes :slight_smile:

People that hoard Forzathon points like this make it harder for new players to get the exclusive cars that show up at this point. The FT shop prices are based on the amount of points people have, so those of you with thousands of points are part of the problem…

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It’s a vicious circle. I “only” have about 1800 points, but those have taken me months to collect, so there’s no way I’m spending 700 of them on an extra copy of a car I already have. So they just keep racking up, because the increase in prices means I feel I need more points in the bank in case something I don’t already have turns up. Adjusting prices to the points people have is just a terrible idea that will directly cause a spiral of people hoarding points even more, prices going up even more etc.


I agree with this sentiment, but the real problem is the ‘fix’ that’s been implemented by putting up prices rather than improve what’s made available. Personally I keep to around 2,000 at any time so IF there’s a week with things worth buying I have enough. Give everyone something to spend them on!


The problem is though that there’s been nothing “new” in the shop for a good couple of months. I see no point in getting duplicate cars that I don’t need, or blowing the points on wheelspins/super wheelspins which currently seem to be giving me duplicate cars (which normally don’t sell even for minimum on the auction house).

I enjoy doing the daily/weekly challenges so am naturally accumulating points without grinding or hoarding, but if there’s nothing new to buy I’m not going to spend them for the sake of spending!

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