#Forzathon March 1 - April 1

With today’s FM7 update, 6 additional #Forzathon challenges show up in the achievements list for FM7 with all of them having an end date of 4/1/2018:

  1. Spectacular Journey: Rewards the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed
  2. Fingers Crossed: Rewards the 1972 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger R/T
  3. Flock Together: Rewards the 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455
  4. Night Time Driving: Rewards the 2000 Plymouth Prowler
  5. To Arms!: Rewards the Surely You Joust driver gear
  6. Touring Italy: Rewards the 2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus 5.2 FSI Quattro

There is no start date for those challenges listed nor are the events listed in-game. They’ll be listed once Turn 10 decides to make them live.

These challenges are listed over on TrueAchievements: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Forza-Motorsport-7/challenges

Update: These 6 #Forzathon challenges are set to go live on 3/1/2018 according to the #Forzathon menu in-game.

Check post #26 of this thread(first post of page 2) to see what each of the challenges for each event are.

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#Forzathon Spectacular Journey
Completed all challenges to receive the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed!

#Forzathon Fingers Crossed
Completed all challenges to receive the 1972 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger R/T E49

#Forzathon Flock Together
Completed all challenges to win the 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455

#Forzathon Night Time Driving
Completed all challenges to earn the 2000 Plymouth Prowler

#Forzathon To Arms!
Completed all challenges to receive the Surely You Joust Driver Gear

#Forzathon Touring Italy
Completed all challenges to win the 2013 Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattro


Finallly the Valiant, Prowler and 73 T/A show up. I’ve been waiting for all of them!


You seem pretty optimistic that any of it’s gonna work…


I’ve never had a problem with Forzathons, up until the most recent one, but so did everyone else.


while all the rewards sound great… I can’t wait for them not to work and possibly expire. Sorry im being a downer, frustrated with these.


Coming soon!


Hope the 73 T/A shows up and works for me. I’ll do the others if listed on my end, but not to excited about the cars.

The title for the R8 challenge seems kind of dumb.

So… when this event will start?

The Week in Review mentions that the current February Forzathons will run through the end of the month. With six events, typically 3 per release, I would guess March 2 through 16 (or 5th-19th) and 16 through 30 (or 19th through April 2)

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In January. 2019

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so what happend to the january races, there one min and gone the next. will they come back.

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Supposedly trying to get them to work still
Hopefully this week

These 6 #Forzathon events now appear in the #Forzathon menu in-game with the challenges set to go live in 8 days which would be March 1, 2018 as indicated in these screenshots:



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Annnnnd… the ones most of us never had the opportunity to do???

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Have been reactivated and show up on the list above the challenges shown in these screenshots.

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What ones are you referring to
The ones that are currently reactivated

I’m pretty amped for the T/A and the Valiant. It keeps hope alive for the Vega and the 300 SEL arriving before RL racing season starts and the XBOX starts collecting summer dust.


I’m still waiting for the vega as well, at this stage it’ll arrive after I’ve finished with the game.

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