Forzathon Live requirements should be according to amount of participants

The fact that the requirements of Forzathon events are the same no matter how many people are participating is ridiculous and a stupid oversight by the developers.

I’m tired of wanting to do them but not being able to finish due to having only just me or one other person participating during early morning hours.

Apologies if this has already been spoken about, but this just grinds my gears. Does anyone else here agree?


I agree.

One thing that might help in the meantime though is ‘session management’. While I don’t know how sessions are planned and how Forzathong LIVE sessions work, from my experience the below works.

I’ve noticed that once Forzathon LIVE has been announced (5 min timer) a lot of people change their online session so they are in a ‘fresh’ session.
This also means that older sessions will lose players (more specifically players interested in Forzathon LIVE).

If you have been in free roam for a long time you will likely be in an older session.
If you just participated in races you will likely be in a newer session as you get logged out of a session than into a new one with each race (IIRC).

What you could do is check the player numbers for about a minute after Forzathon LIVE has been announced. If they are low (20-40) you should probably just change settings.
If they are high, but diminishing rapidly (50+, but going towards 40 rapidly), it is also a good idea to change sessions.
Once you change session you will likely see a higher number of players and probably an increase in player numbers. This can go really fast (from 30-60+ in a matter of seconds).

I have noticed that switching sessions at the very last moment may result in strange situations that while you are in a busy session, you will be alone in the forzathon live session (or with just one other player).

I absolutely agree.

It’s been months since I’ve done them, since I’ve got a surplus of FP now, and nothing to spend them on, but yes, the targets should scale to the number of people who show up, because if you get only 2 or 3 people, there’s practically no chance.

I’ve even been the only person to show up a couple of times. You might as well just wander off and maybe pick up some skill points while you run out the clock, because you’re not going to make it, and at least skill points you can actually use for something.

I disagree. Having done quite a few events on my own, the points you need do depend on the amount in lobby. There are 3, (i think), that i can solo. I;ve never failed to do at least stage 1 solo, can usually do at least 2 stages. Though before i bought the house that gives you double points it wasn’t as profitable. And it’s a lot easier now since i acquired the Ferrari 599 FXX E

I’ve done a couple of Forzathon Lives where it has only been me and one other person, depending on the events you can often easily smash out all 3 rounds (its when you get Danger Signs that take a long time to reset or drift zones in Winter that it gets really hard)

I thought this was already the case.

I agree, Forzation Live Events should base the points on the number of players. At one point I thought it did, but after playing the Live Events for a year now, it appears it really doesn’t adjust based on player count. If there are 8 or more players, the events can be completed in less than 5 minutes… With 2 or 3 players, you need the entire 15 minutes.

I do understand the concept about the number of players in a session; however, I’m not convinced the player can really do anything to get a benefit. Often, when I look at the overview map, I’ll see several players in the Forzathon Circle, but when I “fast travel” to the event, everyone is gone. Perhaps I’m changing sessions during the fast travel, but again, it seems I have no control.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the last several months is that players will wait until the Announcer starts his countdown (“in 5, 4, 3, etc…”) and if there are only a couple of players, they will leave the event. This happened to me last night at the Live Event starting at the Top Highway Round-About. There were 2 other players in the circle, but they must have determined it wasn’t enough to complete the events, so they left. Ultimately, I completed the first two events (Speed Trap, Speed Zone) on my own, but I only got ~15 Drift Skill points out of the ~100 I needed on the last.

This could be due to the fact that those players travel to the circle first and then look for a new session. This will make them disappear as soon as they have found a new session.

Since I started changing sessions well over a month ago I have NEVER had an empty Forzathon LIVE anymore, except for:

  • When I made a mistake myself and didn’t ‘read’ the session numbers right. e.g. I was in a busy session (64 players) and thought I didn’t need to change sessions, then I didn’t check the numbers anymore for the last 4 minutes. When Forzathon LIVE started we had low numbers in the session (41) and low numbers in our Forzathon LIVE.
  • When I change too late or it takes ages to find a new session and then something seems to bug out… I would end up in a busy session yet the Forzathon LIVE event would only have me and one other.
  • Sometimes when the Forzathon LIVE event starts on the festival terrain. You don’t see the other players until Forzathon LIVE starts, which always makes it look like there are only 2 or 3 in the circle. People might make extra switches then which makes it hard to determine which session you should be in. Not sure, but those events sometimes have low numbers for me seemingly regardless of my actions.

I would suggest you try it.
Read the session numbers for the first minute / minute and a half to see what is happening (are the numbers increasing or decreasing). Then change if you think it would be better.

I have a small sample size, but I noticed a huge change when I started doing this. Also, you are complaining about empty sessions and I almost never encounter them… could be coincidence, could be session swapping.

I do a lot of Lives and I’ve just recently found that it seems a lot easier to get through without a fail if I go to Fortune Island.

First off, I’m calling g BS, no, totally BS, on anyone who said they did a Forzathon Live event solo.
Moving on…
Yes. It would be a good change to the game. Also in the Forzathon event against the unbeatable AI. When you only get two or three real players but you still have to run against five AI. It should adjust the AI to match the real players.

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I think it could feasibly be possible if you get the combination of:

Speed Trap
Danger Sign (depending on the sign in question - one that you can easily gain more score from going through it backwards)
Skills (number of skills, rather than points)

But yeah, not easy in the slightest.

Would be nice If they just gave you all the points if you are at least working on the current round until the time runs out. It’s super annoying to work forever on a round and not even get points for it at the end. The net result if the current setup is that the Lives that take the longest often give the least points.

Totally agree…should be at least five people available to play or else display “Not enought players for session” and await additional players.

My BIGGEST issue is players ride off the back’s of other players and sit there doing nothing while the rest of us are racing around like headless chickens to complete forzathon. There has to be a way of dealing this issue.


Maybe if a round is completed without a player contributing nothing that player is then kicked and receives no FP.

Would quite like to see a little pop up too that shows the biggest contributors or record score in a single go at the end of rounds.

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It’s a nice idea, but then all you’d get is the same folk making one token effort - driving through the speed trap once, or going over the jump once, etc, and then sitting there farming everyone else’s work. :frowning:

I’ve played the Forzathon Live Events a lot. At one point I had 25,000 points stored… but then the Apollo went up for sale in the Forzathon Shop and I spent 10K FP to resell them (made a pretty penny on that one😊)

I’ve learned, and tested, quite a bit about how the feature runs; here are some of the things I’ve found.

You MUST participate in at least one of the three challenges. If you do absolutely nothing, you will get a message at the end of the event that you didn’t score any points and, you receive absolutely nothing.

If you score at least 1 point in any of the three events, you will win the total FP that the team earns. This is probably something that should be addressed in FH5.

In most cases, the first event is the easiest, second event more difficult, and the last event is the hardest (point wise).

The worst Live Challenge I’ve found so far is the one that starts in the North-West (Upper-Left map screen) at the house by the railroad tracks. First challenge is a speed trap (no problem), but the second is the drift zone on the mountain… Unless there a hundred or so participants, I usually skip this one.

If I’m mistaken on any of this, please let me know…

Can you get your FP back by selling the cars acquired from the Forzathon shop?

The two main factors currently affecting the participation rate at Forzathon Live events are the number of FPs awarded and the items available at the Forzathon Shop. Since FH4 is over a year old, Forzathon Live isn’t worth the trouble for a lot of players who have acquired most of the items available in the Shop. PG should probably consider increasing the number of FPs awarded at this point in order to drive more traffic into Forzathon Live, because it’s generally consisting of new players that don’t have access to cars that are most effective for it. So people are probably working a lot harder for FPs now at Forzathon Live than they were back in January. The amount of “work” that is required to earn between 10-60 FPs in the current environment is probably what’s discouraging players from participating in it at all.

You can only auction them for credits.