Forzathon Live glitch?

Hey guys, had a weird thing happen to me just now and was wondering if anyone else has seen the same thing? I had just logged in, and there was a Forzathon Live counting down. I traveled to the staging circle, which was counting down from 1:30, and had no other players which was weird considering there were 30 players in the session . The session starts and I’m the only one there, and instead of the usual 15 minutes, the clock had 18:30 or so on it. I start on a speed zone which seems to be getting completed quickly considering I’m the only one there. The clock gets under 15 minutes and all of a sudden 8-10 more people come flying through and join in. Is this a glitch, or ??

Same thing has happened to me a few times. It’s like you get a head start on the event somehow

This game has some glitches in multiplayer mode. One that happens to me every day and I hate it a lot is that when a Forzathon event starts, it always expels me and I can never recover those lost credits, like a fool waiting for so many hours for the next time I get expelled again. And so I lose the time of my life with this game …

Hadnt had that one. Have had a site show up six hours early. I could see on map where the one for thst hour should be by the cluster of cars in the drift zone though that start did not show for me. I also was not the only one who showed up there as well. A restart made it disappear and the correct ones show again. Hours later, that site showed up at correct time.

The game gives you a few extra mins (2 I think, could be 3) after the timer runs out to join the forzathon event. I just joined one with 30 secs left on the extra time timer. Challenge 1 was 90% completed when I got to the pink area.

You must also be connected online when the initial timer runs out to get the extra time. You can’t join a lobby 1 min late and join the event. The event/pink circle does not appear.

I’ve seen this a time or two. What was weird for me is that I’ve gotten to the pink circle and didn’t see anybody, then opened the map and the circle was just full of about a dozen people. So I go back to game and don’t see anybody. Then about a minute into the event, everybody shows up and the challenges finished quickly.

Unfortunately my game was DELETED from Xbox One X and no error show, there was some online glitch and menu pop up, then update with 64GB… I cant find my saved files… This is insane!!!

I recall one time I showed up to the Forzathon Live circle, and it said it started in 60 minutes. At the top of the hour I saw everyone else drive away to go do it, but the circle was still there for me.

I had a similar one, said 15 minutes to go when it should only have been 5. When the timer hit zero the circle just stayed and no event popped up.