Forzathon Live Car Show

After the first two weeks of the game having come out I began to notice a trend building when doing the Forzathon Live events. When the circle first pops up more and more people have been showing up early and finding a parking spot, usually in an actual parking lot, to wait for the event to start. This impromptu car show has been amazing to watch each and every hour. There will always be a wide range of cars and everyone is super respectful of the others and where they have parked. Its something that always makes me smile each time i see it. Here we are playing a game and people still want to have a cruise in/car show/ get together and look at other peoples car.

I know many people have hopped into drone mode or even photo mode to get some killer shots of everyone parked there. Nice to see the car community is alive and well even online.


This is lovely to hear!

I do enjoy lining up with everyone whilst waiting for a Forzathon, but its awesome to hear that this is a common thing.

One of my favorite things too. I love seeing everyone’s cars, and there have been occasions where people car swap into the same car to create a gaggle of a specific car doing the challenges. Just tonight we had a group of about 8 of us in R33 GTRs doing the Forzathon and it was pretty neat!

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I have a lot of fun playing a “mini-game” that requires me to be perfectly parallel to the person that’s parked next to me. I do tiny adjustments, and it’s very fun to notice other cars to this as well.

The thing is though, I used to do this a lot in the past, for some reason I don’t find myself doing it nearly as often.

Confession: I rarely show up to a Forzathon Live! staging area in the car I actually plan to use in the events. I drive my favorite cars to the staging area and hang out, and only switch to a points-getter after the first event has started. It really does foster a certain sense of community, even if I know I probably won’t see those players in the game world again.

You shouldn’t really wait till the event has started, you cost everyone points.

I really hope you’re kidding. If the 10 seconds it takes me to switch to a pre-determined car is the difference between success and failure, there are much larger issues at play.

Probably because on my XBox it can take over 1 minute to change cars.

Oh, wow. Okay, that makes sense. If it took me that long to change cars, I definitely wouldn’t do so during a timed event.


Not often (I’d say 2 times out of 10) does people actually just wait around.

The rest of the time it’s a constant explosion of quick-chat (Which I turned off for that very reason), and screwing around trying to disturb other players.

I only do Forzathon Live events for the points tbh, I don’t really care for the rest of the spectical.

Quick chat could be improved with a menu tree system.

I Turn up early then “Hoon” around farming skill points… usually trying to destroy everything that’s “destructible”…

Yeah, this happens almost every forzathon live I do, I’m actually surprised when it doesn’t happen. I understand why people would want quick chat expanded, but TBH the limited choices actually make for some funny “conversations”.