#FORZATHON events give me 30 points instead of the VIP 60

Hello everyone

I have the Ultimate Edition, up until recently I’ve always received 60 points at #FORZATHON events due to the VIP. However, recently I’ve only been getting 30, is there a solution to this problem?

you have to rebuy the house again, for whatever reason it “unbuys” itself one of the many glitches in this game and PG wont even acknowledge or fix anything, on the plus side you get the wheelspins again

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It happened to me a while ago, i think i had to go back to the house with the forzathon perk and reactivate it

Nope, its been a bug since Day one. The house thing was never my issue. It happens every single week. I have never received the bonus 60 pts for completing the week/daily challenges. No one has.

Open a support ticket.

That is incorrect, many of us have been receiving the double points. It only appeared as the normal amount in the game notification, until the October update, when they updated the notifications to show the actual, correct amount of points received for VIPs.

He was talking about the bonus 60 FP, not the doubling.

Which is not what the OP was referring to, which IS the double points. Maybe he should start another post instead of hijacking someone elses.

Like the dedicated one:

I used to get it BEFORE the October update, but haven’t gotten it since.

Oh, that rebuy has worked for me. Thank you for this suggestion ZeroLegit666 :slight_smile: