#forzathon drag tune. Anyone got any?

Tried some drags in track toys this morning and getting close to the Hemi dart but nowhere near the c class rockets.

Anyone got some good drag tunes for any track toys?

Im wondering the same thing. Those darts are killing everyone. I cant even get remotely close with any of the track cars.

Try my caterham tune. I got it first try.


I used it and won Great Tune and gave you a shout out in my twitch stream and youtube video

Do this its a awesome tune got the win first try. : )

Me too! Thanks for the tune :smiley:

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Haha I got a car so fast it’ll make you freak! Jaguar D type download my tune under. (XGN SkullCandy)
And by the way it will never reach the top speed of 301.4 mph haha.

You know I have 5 dart tunes lol try some and pick. I will not share my talents XD don’t forget to add me

Caterham tune I made worked. Half a second quicker than any others that were there.

How do i get that tune?

I Can’t find it

Go to load upgrades and type in SatNiteEduardo as creator. Press search make sure your in the caterham before you go into load upgrades…


The carterham worked great,got it first try,thanks

Under my store front I have an s1 carterham. Have yet to lose a single drag race to any class vehicle with it so far.