ForzaStats5 up and working?

As I’ve been trying to improve in FM5, I’ve been bouncing around here and other sites to find tips and suggestions as often as I can. Ran across the ForzaStats site that looks like it may have some interesting info that I’d like to digest. ( ForzaStats )

My question is … is that site actually up and working with accurate information? Recently I’ve been posting some top 1000-1500 times on the leaderboards on some tracks that are in the top 1% in the world … but I’ve not yet seen any of my data on the ForzaStats site. Is there something I’m missing about that site and the data there? I’ve registered with it … but don’t see my info anywhere.

Any help or suggestions?

Yes that site is working correctly. It only gives out points for top 100 and up though.

Okay … that helps a bit. Maybe I just don’t understand what’s shown on that site. So it’s not everyone’s stats on everything they do … only a database of the top times with points awarded for those top times … correct? I do see some lists of top 500 times per track, but I’ve not yet cracked the top 500 anywhere. Can I assume that once I do that, my times will show up?

Correct. It registers a top 500 time but only gives out points for top 100 times. If you would ever like some help on trying to acheive your goals feel free to ask man. I enjoy helping and if need be you can jump in to a party with me sometime and i can give you some pointers or help you tune a car

If times are all you are looking for, you can visit this official (but not promoted) page.

Awesome, thanks. Hadn’t seen that. It looks like basically the leaderboards from in-game. But a little easier and quicker to navigate.

Appreciate the offer. I’ll definitely take you up on it. I’m pretty new to the game and am improving bit by bit and can use all the help I can find. I’ve learned quite a bit over the last few weeks by using people’s tunes, turning off the assists, shifting manually, etc. that has helped greatly … but the only way to keep learning is learn from those above me. I’ll look for ya and follow ya in-game and on the forums so we can talk FM5. I will probably even be in there some this afternoon. What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Either on here or send me a party invite on XBL. I will be on all afternoon as long as i dont keep feeling like crap. We have a tuning catalog down below if you would like to try some cars out for yourself to compare to what you already have.

Anyone know when the ForzaStats site gets updated? I’ve finally cracked the top 500 on a circuit and just wanted to see my name in lights for the first time … but ForzaStats hasn’t been updated yet.

It’s updated once a day usually around 12 EST from what I’ve noticed. If someone has an exact time feel free to correct.

Half the cars are either wrong or they aren’t shown on both Forzastats and the page.


That’s on T10’s end. Somebody messed up something in one of these updates. Some names look like traffic cars from Horizon.