Forzas tuning growth is becoming a let down

So far, Horizon 5 has been a great game and has had a good bit of improvements over Horizon 4, not many complaints from myself other than the typical stuff everyone else has complained about already such as the note able bugs.

However the thing that’s continued to let me down with the release of every new Forza is their lack of updates to tuning options. I’m not asking for the full ability to tune fueling, timing, traction control, etc. That you’re able to do with an ECU in real life(however that would be amazing), I just feel it would be fairly simple, and extremely nice to atleast be able to adjust boost curves and even boost by gear or speed.

The addition of “launch control” in the earlier horizons was great, but that was about 5 years ago and it’s barely been improved upon since it’s release. It would be so much better to have genuine 2step/launch control that your actively able to tune and adjust so you can get consistent launches that your able to properly dial in.

Ontop of that, with being able to tune boost onset, you wouldn’t even have to change the limit of the power each motor can make and how engine upgrades are right now. Just let us change how that power is delivered over specific engine RPM and ideally, wheel speed aswell.

I feel like this would be a great step in the right direction for Forzas growth and diversity of tuning capabilities. If you feel the same way, please upvote this post or whatever, and let Forza know how their playerbase feels and what they can do to make their great game that much better. Thanks