Forza's Painting and Decal editor needs an overhaul.

I always thought painting in Forza was a little clunky, but with the ability to use a Mouse and Keyboard in FM7 on PC, now I find painting to be cumbersome and too menu driven for KB&Mouse. To get anything done, I need to pull up a menu, and then select what I want to do, and then go back to the decal/design and apply it. All while looking at an OSD that has me tabbing (using the “[” & “]” keys) entirely too much, especially; when I am sitting here with a full keyboard at my disposal.

Also having to press multiple keys just do use the rotation snaps, or flipping objects is upsetting. Couple that with no on-screen indication that I am using snaps, or preview of a object flip, and painting in Forza starts to feel like an afterthought implemented by budding, grade school aged, game designers.

Could future iterations of Forza get a more Keyboard and Mouse friendly interface for painting? One with a tool pallet of shapes on screen at all times, and could the game finally support type setting? I thought with the precision of the mouse and the utility of the Keyboard, I’d be able to get designs done much quicker than the way it is now. Now it’s almost easier to use a controller to design… That shouldn’t be the case.

Built. For. Controller.

Catch 22 is it will then suck for console players unless MS does implement full KBD/MOUSE as currently suggested (along with 120hz monitor support).

I found the main UI reasonable with kbd/mouse but really not great for a controller. I could understand those complaints.
Hybrid middle ground just doesnt work.

I just want color options to match what we have in the paint section.

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