ForzaRC Tanner Foust Challenge Rewards ?

Anybody else had their rewards for the Tanner Foust Challenge not show up in the game after you have downloaded the messages ?

mine show up, no problems on my end. xboxone

For me it was weird; the message that a gift was received popped, but then my message center tile showed my inbox was empty. Clicking on it led to a completely black screen. I backed out, restarted the game, and there it was – Creeper outfit. Weird.

Umm Creaper was a day or so ago for doing rivals I had 4 of the Cfreeper messages, this is a question about the Bounty Hunter Rewards not the Um Creepy suite from MineCraft Rivals events. So did you get your Rewards for the Bounthy Hunter I got the Chevy Imparla Super Sport FE for Setting a time😀

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This may be a good opp to ask this question: do I have to have registered in ForzaRC in order to be eligible for the awards in the ForzaRC-sponsored rivals events? I’m a little confused as I received a Corrado for – I think – setting a time in the Tanner Foust event, which flies under the ForzaRC banner. But I have no idea about how to get this Impala SS FE you speak of.

Well looks like im confused as well not sure what the chevy was for now but guessing for a RC event and as far as I know the answer is yes you need to be regestered to recieve the gifts associated with the ForzaRC events.

I believe so for the ForzaRC events (boosters, etc.). I didn’t get the Monte Carlo FE everyone else got after that event, then I signed up and have received everything since. Foust Challenge was separate from ForzaRC events, I think, even though it was under that tab, and that may be why you got the Corrado.

Clear as mud, eh? Thanks.

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Nope no problems I got me 1 car for doing a laps, no way was I evergoing to have a chance of hitting within in 2s of aTannerr or Triton for that matter since they almost had identical times with Triton just beating Tanner last time I looked.

Glad I registered, but I still have no idea how it all works. I did notice I had the impala fe though.

I just try to do all rivals anymore, hoping I don’t miss something as a lot of times it just says ‘reward’ but doesn’t say what it is.

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The Corrado is from the Tanner Foust event. As far as I can tell the Impala is for the FRC Rivals Qualifier event.

I have not registered but i did set a time and got the Impala FE. as it states “everyone who participate will recive ingame reward(s)”

Yep Max has listed the Impala Super Sport FE as a ForzaRC award for the Qualifer number 3 Rivals event in his Gift list post​:+1::+1:

I wasn’t registered for first couple of Forza RC events I did and never got the prizes but after I registered I have received every prize since. It’s hard to believe that anyone who is not registered receives prizes after my own experience.