ForzaRC Season 3 - February 21

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Please elaborate on your insightful comment.

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Season 2 was and still is a damn mess : i didn’t win the prize i competed for because T10 doesn’t know how to manage a tournament…instead they gave 3 Playseats to one guy but i can’t win 2 different prizes because they changed rules during week 5 . I won a fantastic SIM chair without a steering wheel…my effort during week 6 is wasted and the lack of communication is unacceptable .

Besides , we don’t know anything about deliver times of these prizes because they expect that we will sit 24 hours at home everyday waiting probably .

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The rules page for that season 2 doesn’t match what Manteo Max copied and pasted. We thought 3rd and 4th got Logitech G Wheels, right? My email for a 4th place prize said I get Logitech “gaming headphones” … not a wheel. So then I go to the rules link and 3rd and 4th supposedly gets Logitech “products”.

Yeah … no joke. I’m dead serious.

Even if they hadn’t changed the rules, you still might be sitting in a Playseat with no wheel, but wearing headphones. Season 2 was a mess.

Alright. If they’re going ahead with a third season, they need to make sure their PR team is actually a thing, and not leave us in the dark yet again.


You know, maybe it’s just me. But given how these things have been executed, and especially so in the wake of the last debacle, perhaps the wisest idea would be to shelve this nonsense until the next game, when you can make good and sure that what you want to do will actually work.

Three months for prizes is unacceptable. Three months for digital prizes is completely unacceptable. And then, on top of that, the whole thing kicked off with the wrong schedule being put up, and it was only because people came here and raised Cain that it got fixed.

To call the execution of this e-Sports venture mixed would be grossly inaccurate. In fact, there are few words that could be used that aren’t some variation of the f-word.


I have a dissenting opinion here. Maybe it’s an old-fashioned opinion, but whatever. I enjoyed myself. I competed a bit in FH3, and I got in the top 25 3 times, netting me 3 Prize Packages. But, really, that didn’t matter to me. Maybe if my livelihood was reliant on me winning and getting those prizes, then I would be angry like you guys, but, it isn’t. They set up a competition and gave us the chance to win free stuff. Not many game companies do that. I was just glad to have the opportunity. I don’t believe I am in any way in a place to complain. I didn’t do a single thing to deserve anything that they sent me, other than that they said they would. And if for whatever reason, they couldn’t or just didn’t, I would be fine with it, because I lost nothing in that situation. Not even the time spent doing the competition, because I enjoyed that, it was fun! That is what I paid for. So, if they want to give out more free stuff, cool! They can take as long as they want, but if they say they will get it to people in a certain amount of time, they should, and guess what? They did. Under 90 days from the end of the competition, that is what they promised, and they delivered. But that’s just my old-fashioned opinion, so feel free to disregard it and get angry at me, as that is the one thing this world is good at nowadays. Have an awesome day/night/whatever!


agreed, well said. I would just like to see maybe a B racer competition where it is not only the best of the best that is able to compete for exciting prizes but perhaps that will come in the future. Just something more inclusive than the top guys being able to race. At least we get cars and sometimes DLC for doing the time attacks however long it may take to get them. This Esports is all very new and hopefully we are just at the tip of the iceberg of what it can be. I hope it continues to evolve and more players are in some way able to compete. In the meantime I guess I need to continue sharpening my skills. I have come a long way on my Forza journey over the years starting in automatic with almost every assist on to today using manual with clutch and trying to use TCS as little as possible. I never thought I would come this far and I suggest everyone try to turn as many assists off as possible at whatever pace suits you and keep trying to get better. Just make sure and practice in intro C or a ghost league before entering a collisions on hopper if you turn an assist off.

Luckily there are minority opinions and then there are majority opinions, the latter which I think still appreciates what the game offers. The latest upgrade and announcing FRC3 is certainly bringing a lot of excitement back and is much appreciated from T10. My experience from FRC2 was really great and even though I only reached the 33 - 60 group, it was an exciting experience. AND got the car as promised within the time promised, so no complaints. Challenging T10 on their silence is in any event like trying to stonewall Donald Trump [meant respectfully] so why bother [maybe that should be “de-stone” lol]. Kick the dog and move on. Can’t wait for FRC3.

I guess i will be happy with my 1st place if you got that product instead of the wheel. The swag item was cool though. By they way ESL listed the Logitech G920 (299 value) as 3rd and 4th place prize , they should have given you a prize with the same value or money…

I liked the swag item.

I also thought the official prize list had the Logitech G920 listed … originally … but if you go there (ESL) now, it says Logitech “products” (still valued at $300, even though I don’t think Logitech makes headphones that cost that much), and the last edit they claim was in November 2016. Manteo Max listed 3rd and 4th as getting a “Logitech G Wheel” and I’m pretty sure he got that from somewhere. I trust Max because I know he at least tries, and if it was his mistake, which I doubt, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Honest mistakes I don’t have a problem with. T10 or ESL haven’t built up enough credit with me to get the same leeway. I feel like the prizes were most probably changed mid-competition, just like the rules … except at least the rule changes were acknowledged. I can’t be sure, though, because I didn’t take a screen shot or print out the original rules. I didn’t think it was necessary because I didn’t think they’d change mid-competition. Silly me.

During ForzaRC Season 1 they gifted G920 wheels and the value of that is around 250-300 dollars /euros so the thing you said it’s the truth . You will get GOLD headphones lol .

My suggestion for the next tournament is : everyone can win 1 Playseat , 1 whatever 3rd or 4th place prize is ,1 DLC ,1 Swag Item. I said it already and it’s pretty simple. People will target different standings each week and best players won’t choke newcomers.

I haven’t signed up yet, but is there anything beyond the Gfinity landing large other than a “coming soon” message?

Just wondering if there are any more details on the competitions or if we should wait until the Invitational for more info.

Max: Since you look to be using this thread as the “main” one for announcements and such it may be worth removing the first 3 replies as they’re no longer relevant to the discussion (as the OP has been updated).

Don’t take prize list seriously when it’s revealed though since me and other guys got different ones . I like this chair i got (seriously , it’s like a throne branded with “Forza RC”) for my PC but a guy didn’t get the G Wheel (initial prize of the tournament for 3rd and 4th place) .

EDIT : my prize was supposed to be a seat for steering wheels not an office / gaming chair .

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GFinity have posted information on the ForzaRC.



Trying to sign up but can not get signed in. Where do i go to fix this? This is very frustrating. Aggh!

What are you seeing on screen when you try to sign up? Error message? Click and no response?
Which URL?
Which browser are you using?

following links to gfinity to sign in but password wont work, nowhere to reset. says im allready in.