ForzaRC award cars

I signed up at esl ( elite and open) i raced at rivals ( elite) but i didn t get the 2 cars. Any tips??

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No tips. One car [not two] will be sent by T10 for participation in Rivals qualifier a few days after the event closed. For a second car you need to participate in the weekly FRC League. Again the car will be sent by T10 for participation in the League a few days after the event closed.

Same for me

Same. It is pretty annoying

Bonus cars for participating in the Elite Series Rivals Qualifier (Ford Escort 1600) and/or the Open Series League (Ford Falcon) for Week 1 of the Forza Racing Championship most likely won’t go out until sometime next week. It’s a manual process for T10 to collect the Gamer Tags from the LBs and gift the cars out.

Best tip I can give is have patience. :wink:

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ok, so the unicorn/exclusive cars should land in our consoles soon, but what about clarification on whether we finished in the top 50% of our respective league/division/ESL registered users/scout troop/whatever-else-they-want-to-call-it-but-dont-make-clear and earn the car pass?

thanks for all your assistance Max, but it’s a bit baffling what we need to achieve and where we need to look for our standings.

Nothing baffling at all. All you need to look at is the rules, and read them.
Prizes are sent within 90 days. So they have until November to send them.

I saw the bit about 90 days, but assumed that was for the physical prizes such as the consoles, etc, to be posted out. I’d be amazed if it takes 90 days to send me an email with a code to redeem!

90 days will be for ESL and the physcial prizes

This is taken from the “Forza Motorsport Week in Review 8-12-16” post from Friday

Patience is a virtue

The two reward cars landed in my Forza dashboard overnight. Now just got to wait to see if I get the Car pass code, still can’t track down any firm information on where I finished, so I’m just banking on my top 15% position on the in-game leaderboard being correct.

Its been put in other threads but if you go to the league dash press ‘Y’ then Right Bumper to show previous (closed) lobbies press ‘Y’ it will show the final standings. Do the same in the rivals dash to check there, but the last time I looked the rivals leaderboard was still showing from the main rivals dash.
What it comes down to if you’re in the top 50% of the Open League leaderboard and registered/signed on to the ESL site you will be sent a prize code within 90days if not sooner after the finals on the 4th Sept. For the cars you just have to participate in the events, to qualify for an Elite cup prize you need to finish within the first 128 on Rivals then go on to the 1v1 knockout and the Showdowns.
Hope that helps.

I participated in week 1-3 but I haven’t received any reward car at all. I don know what’s the matter, according to ESL I am properly registered for that event, but the rewards will be sent by MS. Any idea whom I should contact for that issue?

I starting to get annoyed…

You don’t need to be registered to get gift cars.

MS doesn’t give out the cars, T10 does. It’ll all be in your messages received in game as described by the post above mine.

yeh, got all that thanks. I just wasn’t sure if what the leaderboard in the game showed was going to be the same position according to ESL. I’m all registered for all the events, got the first two reward cars for taking part, await with interest receiving the car pass

Go to your messages in the Forza dashboard, press the RB to go over to the “gifts” page, and there should be four messages in there with your reward cars - press the button to download them, hey presto they should appear in your garage. I had two Falcons for the weekly open league participation and two Escorts for the elite series qualifiers, should get the third of each next week.


Found the gifts page now… I hadn’t realized that there are different kind of message boxes.

I was able to dl the cars 2 falcon 1 RS so far.

Thanks a lot for your advice, appreciate it.

Ok. I received a message regarding my credits for participating in the weekly events, but no car however.

definitely nothing in the “GIFTS” tab of the messages on Forza?

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I did not realize the weekly cars had different liveries, so I missed the Rivals event this week. :frowning: